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Healthcare, Sport and Wellness Medical Sciences

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science (Senior Secondary Applied Learning)
醫務化驗科學 (高中應用學習) 證書

Course Code

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Start Date
05 Oct 2024 (Sat)
2 years
English, supplemented with Cantonese
2975 5698
3104 9137
How to Apply


This programme aims to promote secondary students’ interest in medical laboratory science through the application of scientific principles in disease diagnosis and health monitoring.  Different modes of activities are employed to provide students with a systematic understanding about the context, enabling them to understand the fundamental theories and concepts, develop their generic skills, and address their career aspirations in medical laboratory science.

Graduates may further their post-secondary studies in the fields of biological science, nutritional science, biomedical science, environmental science, pharmaceutical science, nursing studies or forensic science.  They may seek employment as trainees in either medical/ food/ environmental/ microbiology/ pharmaceutical testing laboratories or sales executives for medical and laboratory equipment.  With further training at degree or postgraduate level, they may seek appointments as registered medical technologists, academics/researchers in universities, laboratory managers or scientific officers in government laboratories.


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Programme Details

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the roles and functions of the different clinical specialties of medical laboratory; 
  2. Apply practical skills and problem solving skills in medical laboratory practice;
  3. Interpret specific laboratory test result and correlate it to health conditions;
  4. Describe the work ethics and demonstrate positive understanding of safety precautions in medical laboratory practice;
  5. Recognize the importance of quality assurance in a medical laboratory practice;
  6. Develop self-understanding for further studies and career development in the related field.
Mode of Delivery

It is delivered in a full-time mode with face-to-face lectures and case-study tutorials.  Emphasis will be on laboratory and technical aspects with demonstrations and hands-on laboratory practicals.

Class Details

The programme can be delivered in  English only.


The 180-hour course will commence in the mid-September and lasts for 2 calendar years.  Three-hour lesson* is held every Saturday morning / afternoon in the HKU SPACE Learning Centres or HKU SPACE partner School.  Summer class will be arranged.

* The duration for some lessons or laboratory practical is 6 hours  (10:00 to 17:30) and during the summer (July-August)


Students are required to take 8 assessment tasks, inlcuding 2 written tests, 2 written exercises, 1 pracitcal assessment, 2 laboratory reports, 1 project and presentation.  Each of which aims to evaluate the students' knowledge, understanding and skills related to the medical laboratory profession, and their generic skills in authentic contexts.


"Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science (Senior Secondary Applied Learning)" is awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE to student who successfully completed the programme and achieved at least 80% attendance.



The laboratory practicals are held in the HKU SPACE Learning Centre or HKU SPACE partner School, depending on the equipment / facilities needed.


Students are required to complete 4 taught modules within the period of two calendar years.  The five modules cover the topics essential to the medical laboratory science services.  Scientific knowledge and skills that form the basis of medical laboratory analysis and the various stages of medical laboratory testing will be taught.  Other important issues, such as the laboratory safety, sample collection/handling  and quality assurance will also be discussed:



Module 1. Medical Laboratory  (18 hours)

  • Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technologist Profession 
  • Facilities and Instruments in the Medical Laboratory 
  • Medical Laboratory Safety 
  • Laboratory Calculations 

Module 2. Fundamental Scientific Knowledge  (54 hours)

  • Human and Cell Biology 
  • Applied Immunology 
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology 
  • Molecular Diagnostic Techniques 

Module 3. Laboratory Management & Communication  (15 hours)

  • Introduction to Laboratory Management 
  • Reliability of Laboratory Testing Results and Quality Assurance 
  • Specimen Collection, Handling, and Storage 
  • Communication Skills in the Healthcare setting 

Module 4. Medical Laboratory Testing  (81 hours)

  • Clinical Biochemistry & Toxicology 
  • Hematology & Serology 
  • Histopathology & Cytology 
  • Medical Microbiology  

Medical Laboratory Visits  (12 hours)


Entry Requirements

Applicants shall be the current Secondary 4 students who are following the senior secondary curriculum recommended by the Curriculum Development Council (CDC).


Enrolment Method

Students must submit their application through their secondary schools from mid February to mid April.  Please contact your secondary school for details.

Detailed information is available:

Payment Method

All students in aided, government and caput secondary schools, as well as secondary schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme and special schools with senior secondary classes following the senior secondary curriculum recommended by the Curriculum Development Council will be fully subsidized by the Education Bureau.

Course fee is HK$18,000 (2024 & 2025 DSE students) and is paid in 2 installments (on a yearly basis).

Course fee is HK$18,800 (2026, 2027 & 2028 DSE students) and is paid in 2 installments (on a yearly basis).

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