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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Revision Courses (University of London)

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HKU SPACE will offer the Revision Courses independently for candidates intending to sit the University of London LL.B./Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law examinations in May/June or October 2020.  The emphasis of these Courses will be on examination technique, common examination topics, past examination questions, issues raised in chief examiners’ reports as well as recent legal developments.  Courses will be delivered in short, one-week blocks by experienced teachers of good standing from the United Kingdom.

Revision Courses offered:

Course Codes      Level 4 Modules                                    

COML9098          Contract Law                                         

COML9097          Criminal Law                                         

COML9096          Public Law

COML9099          Legal System and Method (for Standard Entry Route only)


Course Codes      Level 5 Modules

COML9102          Tort Law                                                

COML9101          Property Law                                         

COML9110         Commercial Law                                   

COML9105         Family Law                                            


Course Codes     Level 6 Modules

COML9106         Jurisprudence and Legal Theory          

COML9103          Equity and Trusts                                  

COML9104          Company Law                                        

COML9108          Civil and Criminal Procedure                

COML9100          Evidence                                                

COML9109          Alternative Dispute Resolution            

Provisional timetable download here.

Important Notes:

To study in Hong Kong, all non-local applicants are required to obtain a student visa issued by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government, except for those admitted to Hong Kong as dependants, who do not need prior approval before taking up full-time and part-time studies. Non-local applicants issued with a valid employment visa also do not need prior approval to pursue part-time studies. It is the responsibility of individual applicants to make appropriate visa arrangements. Admission to a HKU SPACE academic programme/course does not guarantee the issue of a student visa. Applicants may wish to note that part-time courses are generally NOT considered by the Immigration Department for visa purposes except for self-financed, part-time locally accredited taught postgraduate programmes awarded within the HKU System through HKU SPACE.

  • University Main Campus and Centennial Campus, Pokfulam Road, HK (Exit A2, HKU MTR Station)

L.L.B. Revision Courses:

First come, first-served

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Enrolment Method

Online Enrolment for LL.B. Revision Courses (HK$2,800 per module)

(non-refundable or non-transferable)

Includes the cost of revision lectures, and revision course materials prepared by visiting lecturers. [Note 1 and 2]

[Note 1]

For students not currently studying the Preparation Course with HKU SPACE: If you have not enrolled on the relevant Preparation Course with HKU SPACE but wish to obtain the full set of preparation course materials for 2019/2020, you will be required to pay the full package course fee (i.e. $7,800 - $9,300 per module depending on level) (Programme Code: SC367A).

[Note 2]

For students currently studying the Preparation Course with HKU SPACE: Each Revision Course is a component of the relevant Preparation Course Package. You DO NOT need to enroll separately for the Revision if you are already enrolled on the relevant HKU SPACE Preparation Course (2019/2020) (Programme Code: SC367A) for that module.

HKU SPACE LL.B. Revision Courses enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Early enrolment is strongly recommended. 

HKU SPACE provides 24-hour online application and payment service for students to make enrolment for most open admission courses (courses enrolled on first come, first served basis) and selected award-bearing programmes via the Internet.  Applicants may settle the payment by using either PPS, VISA or MasterCard online.

  1. Complete the online application form

Applicant may click the >APPLY NOW  to make online application, and then follow the instructions to fill in the online application form.

Application Code

Course Title

Online Application

1775-2648 NW COML9098 LL.B. Revision Course - Contract Law APPLY  NOW

1780-1734 NW COML9097

LL.B. Revision Course - Criminal Law

1780-1750 NW  COML9096 LL.B. Revision Course - Public Law APPLY NOW

1780-1736 NW COML9099

LL.B. Revision Course - Legal System and Method  APPLY  NOW
1780-1756 NW COML9102 LL.B. Revision Course - Tort Law APPLY  NOW
1775-2640 NW COML9101 LL.B. Revision Course - Property Law APPLY  NOW
1770-2172 NW COML9110 LL.B. Revision Course - Commercial Law APPLY  NOW
1780-1742 NW COML9105 LL.B. Revision Course - Family Law APPLY  NOW
1775-2644 NW COML9106 LL.B. Revision Course - Jurisprudence and Legal Theory APPLY  NOW
1780-1740 NW COML9103 LL.B. Revision Course - Equity and Trusts APPLY  NOW
1775-2642 NW COML9104 LL.B. Revision Course - Company Law APPLY  NOW
1780-1748 NW  COML9108 LL.B. Revision Course - Civil and Criminal Procedure APPLY  NOW
1775-2638 NW COML9100 LL.B. Revision Course - Evidence APPLY  NOW
1775-2669 NW COML9109 LL.B. Revision Course - Alternative Dispute Resolution APPLY  NOW

2.     Make Online Payment

Pay the course fees by either using:

PPS via Internet - You will need a PPS account and a PPS Internet password. For information on how to open a PPS account and how to set up a PPS Internet password, please visit

Credit Card Online Payment - Course fees can be paid by VISA or MasterCard including the “HKU SPACE MasterCard”.

To know more about online enrolment and payment, please refer to the user guide of Online Enrolment and Payment:


Payment Method

If you apply offline at our HKU SPACE enrolment counters you can pay using either

In Person / Mail

1. Cash or EPS

Course fees can be paid in cash or by EPS at any HKU SPACE enrolment counters.

2. Cheque or Bank Draft

Course fees can also be paid by crossed cheque or bank draft made payable to "HKU SPACE". Please specify the programme title(s) for application, student's name, and student card no. (if applicable). You may either:

- bring the completed form(s), together with the appropriate course fee in the form of a cheque to any of the HKU SPACE enrolment centres.

- or mail the above documents to any of the HKU SPACE enrolment centres, specifying 'Course Application' on the envelope. HKU SPACE will not be responsible for any loss of payment sent by mail.

3. Visa/MasterCard

Applicants may also pay the course fee by VISA or Mastercard, including "HKU SPACE Mastercard", at any HKU SPACE enrolment centres. Holders of HKU SPACE Mastercard can enjoy a 10-month interest-free instalment for courses with a tuition fee of HK$2,000 to $40,000. The cardholder must also be the course applicant himself/herself. For enquiries, please contact our staff at any of the enrolment centres.


  1. For general and short courses, applicants may be required to pay the course fee in cash or by EPS, Visa or Mastercard if the course is to start shortly.

  2. Fees paid are not refundable or transferable.

  3. Receipts will be issued for fees paid but HKU SPACE will not be responsible for any loss of receipt sent by mail.

  4. For additional copies of receipts, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a completed form and a crossed cheque for $30 per copy made payable to "HKU SPACE". Such copies will normally only be issued at the end of a course.