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OPEN SPACE 2024 - Talk Review

Themes: Keynote|Languages & Culture|Market Trend|Profession & Career|Wellness & Health



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A Dialogue between Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Dietitian: Unveiling the Mysteries of Vegetarianism and Food Therapy for Health

Languages & Culture

Blossoms in our City

Exploring Korean Webtoons and Everyday Comic Creation with the Cartoonist

The Hidden Mystery of the Governor of Hong Kong's Journey to Japan
Crafting Legacies - Dialogue between Professional Art Manager & Art Conservator
Bauhaus - Beginning and Development of Modern Design in Germany
Market Trend

3 tips for effective communication with your child

Defending the Digital Realm: The Evolution of AI in Cybersecurity

2024 H2 Hong Kong Equity Outlook: Opportunities Emerge

The market value and situation of lab-grown diamonds

Insights from a Certified ESG Planner (CEP®): Sustainable Development Trends in Logistics for 2024

Defying Time: Cutting-Edge Innovations in Anti-Ageing Aesthetics

Transfer of assets before, during or in a divorce settlement in Hong Kong – points to have in mind!

Navigating the Future of Finance: GenAI, Web3, and the Evolution of Digital Finance

AI Transforms Smart Commerce

Feng Shui 9th Cycle (2024-2043): The Road to Success!

Preparing for the New Phase of Crypto & Digital Assets

Confession of a Startup Investor: Why most startups don’t get funded and what can you do differently?

From Data to Action: How AI is Driving ESG Innovation

Sports Marketing

Profession & Career

Electrifying the World: The Opportunities of Electrical Engineers

Building a Pathway to Success in the Insurance Industry

Architecture Matters : Insights and Experiences of Three Women Architects

Career Opportunities for Occupational Safety and Health

Designing the Future: A Journey of Critical Decision-Making

Journey from Interest to Profession in Nutrition and Dietetics

Exploring the pathways from aspiring Healthcare Workers to Future Leaders

Pathways to Qualify as a Lawyer in Hong Kong and UK

Medical Practitioner as a Law Student

Pathways to Medical Laboratory Sciences

Human Resource Management: Advancing Sustainability and ESG through AI and HR Analytics

The lifelong learning journey of a pastry chef

Wellness & Health

Application of Medical Laboratory Science in Infection Control

Injury Prevention Strategies for Athletes

Optimising Training Performance: Understanding the Impact of Heart Rate on Efficient Training

Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedic Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty and Anti-Aging

Chinese Cuisine for Health: Applying Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory in Dietary Therapy
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