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Change.每天多學一點 改變.可大可小

Open up your learning SPACE by opening up our 2017 Autumn Prospectus



2017 prospectus

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Albert Einstein once said, ‘wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.’

HKU SPACE has been providing lifelong learning opportunities to the people of Hong Kong for 60 years. Over 2.62 million accumulated enrolments illustrated the creation of different SPACE for each learning journey.    

With around 1000 programmes categorised into 50 interest areas from business to humanities, and technology to health science, HKU SPACE has a learning opportunity to fit almost every need and interest to create your own learning SPACE.

You can find details of all our courses in our new Autumn Prospectus available free of charge at any of our learning centres  or from the distribution points .