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Jun 2019

Japanese Sake Appreciation

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Open SPACE 2019
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01Jun 2019 (Sat)15:30 - 16:30
Room 603, 6/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong (Exit D, Admiralty MTR Station)
Dr. Hirata Masayuki, Lecturer of HKU SPACE

Dr. Hirata Masayuki, Lecturer of HKU SPACE

Dr. Hirata Masayuki received his PhD in Linguistics and Translation from the City University of Hong Kong. He currently teaches a variety of courses at HKU SPACE, ranging from the Japanese language, linguistics, translation and stylistics, to the appreciation of Japanese sake.

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The Japanese sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine brewed from the fermentation of polished rice. Originated back since the Nara period in Japanese history over a thousand years ago, the popularity and importance still prevails for this Japanese national beverage today. This workshop will provide an overview of the Japanese sake from its history to actual Japanese sake tasting. Aspects such as the Japanese sake history, brew varieties, serving methods and etiquette, seasonality and customs will be explored through this appreciation workshop with a range of matching sake.


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