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Aug 2020


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HKU SPACE Business LIVE with U Series
Business Management

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Date & time
28Aug 2020 (Fri)15:00 - 16:00 Free
  • Mr. Jimmy Lo, Part-time Lecturer of HKU SPACE
Mr. Jimmy Lo, Part-time Lecturer of HKU SPACE

Mr. Jimmy Lo, Part-time Lecturer of HKU SPACE

Mr. Jimmy Lo has over 7 years of teaching, training and educational consulting experience at the corporate, university and various educational levels and settings in Hong Kong, China and Asia. As a Part-time Lecturer of HKU SPACE, Jimmy is currently teaching Management Information Systems for the Advanced Diploma in Business Management programme. With a background in psychology and human resources management (University of Hong Kong) and applying the psychological studies to postgraduate studies in management (University of Edinburgh), digital business (HKUST Business School) and education (Oxford and Cambridge), Jimmy is experienced in applying psychometric tests and tools to provide career advice and consultation to students and working professionals. With a specialised background in professional communication, applied linguistics and English pedagogy, Jimmy also lectures at Hong Kong Baptist University (College of International Education) and Open University of Hong Kong, and is responsible for teaching professional English courses at an international language institute. Jimmy is also a co-founder of an e-learning and training company in Asia, and has conducted business skills training at numerous National Key Universities in China and corporations (e.g. Singapore Stock Exchange). Prior to embarking on educational entrepreneurship and lectureships, Jimmy was an international management trainee at Standard Chartered Bank, and had years of experience in the field of commercial banking and wealth management. During his international banking and managerial career, Jimmy was a recipient of a sales and marketing award by the Hong Kong Management Association. Jimmy is completing an MSc in applied linguistics and teaching English in university settings (Oxford), with a focus on the psychology of language learning. In addition, he has obtained an MSc in Management with distinction (University of Edinburgh) and an MSc in Information Systems Management (HKUST Business School), a BSocSc in Psychology with minors in Human Resources Management and Applied Child Development (University of Hong Kong) and Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA, Grade B) (University of Cambridge English Language Assessment).

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試想像一下,你擁有讀心的能力。你可以破解工作上的成功密碼:明白老闆的需要、如何說服同事、鼓勵下屬努力工作、以及將客戶的 “No”「拒絕」 變成 “Yes” 「支持」。再想想,你可以徹底了解你自己,從而知道如何在你的專業裡善用你的強項,以及在工作中獲得更高滿足感和成就感。 聽起來好像好得令人難以置信?事實上,即使心理學家並不是具備特異功能或者讀心術,心理學是一門有系統的科學,能夠讓我們深入洞悉不同人的性格和差異。透過應用商業心理學,我們可以更清楚了解人的性格特質、態度、思想風格、動機、目標、願望和需要,從而掌握分析我們自己和與我們合作的不同人士之性格和行為。