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Jun 2022

German - Food and Drink (Online)

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Open SPACE 2022

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Date & time
11Jun 2022 (Sat)15:45 - 16:45
  • Mr Wallace Ma (HKU SPACE German Coordinator)

Mr Wallace Ma

2975 5695 (
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Germany's gastronomy is diverse and means so much more than sausages and potatoes: there are hundreds of Michelin-star and gourmet restaurants, 13 wine-growing regions and countless beer gardens from Bavaria to Berlin.

If you’d like to go beyond the meaty dishes served by the German restaurants in Hong Kong and explore the various German specialties, don’t miss out on this talk which offers a few glimpses of the German eating and drinking culture. You will also learn some basic culinary expressions which are useful for your future gourmet trips in different cities and regions of Germany. Yet, don’t let your appetite go off the leash as eating is prohibited and no food is provided during the talk.



Medium of language: English and German

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