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Apr 2023

Briefing Session: The changing TOPIK Test Structure


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Date & time
02Apr 2023 (Sun)14:30 - 16:00 Free
銅鑼灣港大保良何鴻燊社區書院201室( Lecture Theatre 1), 銅鑼灣禮頓道66號(銅鑼灣港鐵站F出口)
  • Mr. KIM Chan Woong (Education Researcher, National Institute for International Education)

Mr. KIM Chan Woong

22703505 (
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Briefing Session on TOPIK IBT
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TOPIK IBT(internet-based test) is a new generation of TOPIK test which is conducted using computer rather than using paper.

There will be introduction and demonstration of TOPIK IBT in the briefing session.

Face to Face and Zoom live meeting will be available.

Online registration will be started from 10 Mar, 10:00am on a “first come, first served” basis:
Registration Link: 


*Exclusive for OFFLINE Briefing Session Participants*

For those who come to the OFFLINE briefing session will get a chance to win a free voucher to participate in the TOPIK IBT mock test for free! (Total 120 quotas)

For those who have already registered for ONLINE Session, you may also register the OFFLINE Session through the link below:

 Registration period will also be extended to 22 March (23:59 HKT)


TOPIK IBT Mock Examination Date *Time and Venue to be provided to successful participants later*

Session 1: June 17 (SAT)
Session 2: August 19 (SAT)
* both TOPIK I, II are offered (60 quotas each)
* A transcript will be offered upon completion of the TOPIK IBT mock examination