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Jun 2023

Applications of RegTech in Anti Fraud and AML

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Open SPACE 2023
Finance and Compliance

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Date & time
10Jun 2023 (Sat)15:45 - 16:45
🔷【In-person】: Professor and Mrs Enoch Young Lecture Theatre (Room 204), 2/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty 🔷【Online】: HKU SPACE YouTube Channel
  • Dr Terence Young (Dr Terence Young (Universities and Professional Institutions Part Time Lecturer in Criminology and RegTech) )

Dr Terence Young

Dr Young has experience as the Head of Personal Banking Fraud Management, Anti-Fraud Management Division of one of the largest banks in Hong Kong. He teaches criminology and RegTech in universities and professional institutions.

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Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech and Legal Regulations Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Law

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) encompasses various technological solutions companies use to achieve regulatory compliance. For instance, firms may digitise customer information, automate reporting, or apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate more accurate incident alerts. RegTech applications are common in the financial services sector, including fraud prevention, consumer protection, anti-money laundering, etc. Our speaker would like to describe the various technologies and elements of RegTech and its practical applications during the talk, with sharing of recent reports relating to e-banking, mobile banking, and credit card transaction frauds.

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