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Jan 2024

The Traditional "Origata" Rites of the Japanese Ogasawara School - Its History, Folding Method, and Rituals

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Humanities and Law Open Day (January 2024)

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Date & time
13Jan 2024 (Sat)14:00 - 16:00 Free
Type of Event
In-person Attendance
Room 614, 6/F., United Centre, Admiralty
  • Ms Junko Amakawa (Japanese Kimono/ Tea Ceremony Teacher)

Ms Junko Amakawa

MS Junko Amakawa is teacher of Japanese Kimono/ Tea Ceremony.

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The Japanese "Origata" – the art of wrapping gifts in folded paper, is widely used in the Japanese gift-giving culture. The Ogasawara School had already created 40 types of “origata” in the Muromachi period and made origata an indispensable part of the Japanese rituals. In the middle of the Edo period, as the rituals had become more widespread among people, origata became increasingly popular in daily life as well.
Ms Junko Amakawa from the Ogasawra School will introduce the culture and folding method of “noshi bukuro”, one of the traditional origata of Ogasawara School.

medium of instruction

Cantonese and Japanese