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Jan 2024
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【Session 1】Understanding of Child Development from Age 6 to 12 || 【Session 2】Practical Ways in Supporting Your Child's Learning at Home || 【Session 3】Understanding the Hong Kong Education System and Strengthening Home-school Co-operation

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Date & time
27Jan 2024 (Sat)14:00 - 16:00 To24Feb 2024 (Sat)14:00 - 16:00

Objectives of Parent Education Talk

1. To enhance the awareness of the NCS parents on the importance of their children’s learning and mastery of the Chinese Language in further studies and career development;

2. To enhance NCS parents’ understanding of the Hong Kong education system and introduce the multiple pathways for NCS students;

3. To help NCS parents better support their children in learning and social aspects in collaboration with their schools.


Series II (Primary school level)—— Includes 3 Sessions

*Includes 3 Sessions on January 27, February 03, February 24, 2024

*On Saturday afternoon, 14:00-16:00

*A Statement of Attendance will be issued to participants who have successfully attained the required attendance.

Session 1: Understanding of Child Development from Age 6 to 12【January 27】

1. Understanding of child development from age 6 to 12

2. Importance of children’s whole-person development

3. Practicing positive parenting

4. Effective communication skills with your child 

Session 2: Practical Ways in Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home【February 03】

1. Ways to support children in learning at home

2. Ways to provide a healthy environment

3. Strategies and online tools in supporting children’s Chinese language learning

Session 3: Understanding the Hong Kong Education System and Strengthening Home-school Co-operation【February 24】

1. Understanding life planning at upper primary level

2. Understanding the local education system. To help children adapt to the primary level or prepare for the secondary level

3. Fostering home-school co-operation and communication

4. Experience/case sharing by the NCS parents and students on adapting to school life, learning Chinese, and building confidence


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