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The brand-new look of the HKU SPACE Website has now been unveiled

26 Sep 2023 (Tue)

The brand-new look of HKU SPACE is now unveiled

The brand-new look of HKU SPACE is now unveiled

We’ve upgraded our HKU SPACE website with lots of new features to provide a better experience. The improvements include:

Easier Navigation

The webpage menu has been reorganised to make it easier to find the information you need.


Interests and Events are now right on the Homepage

With interest categories and event information right on the first page, it is easier to reach and explore these sections and stay up-to-date with the latest offerings.


Enriched Programme Pages

Additional information such as teacher profiles, academic progression, and career prospects have been added to give you a deeper understanding of our programmes and their potential benefits for your academic journey.


Tailored Accounts for a More Personalised Experience

Once you log in to your website account, the system will utilise your saved interests to suggest courses, events and information you may find interesting.


To unlock this more personalised website experience, we encourage you to register for an HKU SPACE website account and complete the "My Interests" and "Career Goals" sections.