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HKU SPACE Receives a High Overall Satisfaction Rating from Students in the Student Barometer for the 4th Time

12 Sep 2023 (Tue)
Press Release

HKU SPACE Receives a High Overall Satisfaction Rating from Students in the Student Barometer for the 4th Time

HKU SPACE Receives a High Overall Satisfaction Rating from Students in the Student Barometer for the 4th Time

HKU SPACE was delighted to receive an overall student satisfaction rate of 88.7%[1]  , above the global and Asian benchmarks in the Student Barometer (SB) Autumn 2022 survey and the highest rate recorded when compared with the previous three waves. It was the 4th time the School participated in this largest global annual student satisfaction survey. The survey was open to all students at the School and the results meant for recognition of our dedication to providing quality teaching and learning and support services to our students.  

Findings in the survey showed that:

  • In the area of learning experience, the School matched or outperformed the global benchmarks in all the teaching items, including “programme organisation”, “marking criteria”, “quality of lectures”, “performance feedback” and “learning support”;
Student Satisfaction on Learning Experience Elements
  • The satisfaction rates of most elements of learning improved over the years when compared with the last two surveys, including “Learning overall”, “programme organisation”, “good teachers”, “quality of lectures” and “virtual learning environment”.

    Student Satisfaction of Elements of Learning  for the Past Three Years
  • The satisfaction rates of other elements of learning remained in high position across the last three years, including “expert lecturers”, “learning support”, “marking criteria”, “performance feedback”, “studying with local students” and “language support”.
  • In the area of support services, the School outperformed the global and Asian benchmarks in “campus eating places”, “counselling service” and “disability support”.

    Student Satisfaction on Support Services

Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, said, “The positive survey results in different aspects are encouraging. The overall satisfaction rating outperformed the global benchmark and achieved its highest rating over the years. Also, most ‘learning’ elements of the School have attained higher student satisfaction rates than those in the past and were above the global benchmark. The result reflected that our students are satisfied with our continued efforts to enhance their learning experience.”

“With the grand opening of our Kowloon West Campus, the School’s teaching and learning facilities will further be enhanced with even more advanced facilities such as state-of-the-art special room, computer labs and DIY E-Learning room, etc. Also, the launch of Microcredentials with stackable credits provides a new and flexible lifelong learning mode for students to further their study. We hope these will provide our students with a more diverse learning environment,” he added.

The Student Barometer survey, the largest global annual student satisfaction survey, was conducted by the independent research agency “i-graduate” to collect feedback on student experiences in teaching, learning, programme content, assessment of graduate outcomes, and student support. In the 2022 wave, the survey received input from around 190,000 students from 146 institutions in 17 countries.

[1]The overall satisfaction rate denotes the percentage of respondents who replied “satisfied” or “very satisfied” to the question -- “Overall, how satisfied are you with all aspects of your experience at your institution?”