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Alumni Week helps you gain more knowledge and wisdom to increase your happiness indexEvent Recap

10 Dec 2021 (Fri)

Gain more knowledge and wisdom to increase your happiness index

As someone once said: “You can live a better life if you are happy.” During the three talks in the Alumni Week in November, the School invited experts and celebrities from different fields to share with alumni their keys of finding happiness from the perspectives of family happiness, financial abundance and spiritual satisfaction.

Happiness is to talk sincerely with children

Modern people have an abundant material world, but the mental health of both adults and children is affected when facing an ever-changing society. Ms Shirley Loo, an experienced family relationship educator, gave alumni a talk on "Effective Parent-child Communications", guiding them to think from the children’s perspective to help children build self-confidence, meet their challenges in life, and to consolidate a happy family.

Plan a happy life and increase wealth

Being rich is not the main reason to feel happy, but an ideal income level will allow us to better plan our lives. Dr Kenny Tang, Managing Partner of Venture Smart Financial Holdings Limited, conducted the “2022 Investment Outlook” talk to analyse the future trend of the Hong Kong stock market, helping alumni grasp investment opportunities and increase wealth.

Lifelong learning enlightens happy hearts

Every life has its roses and thorns. Although we can’t change the objective environment, we can adjust ourselves to find our own happiness. The former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr Lam Chiu-ying, gave the "Lifelong Learning – Lifelong Happiness" talk to share his learning path with alumni. His learning started from observing stars, and recently, he has entered a new world through observing nature, enlightening the joy of his soul.

The Alumni Week talks were conducted simultaneously in the form of both on-site participation and live webcast. Alumni responded enthusiastically to the event registration. Talks had a total of nearly 1,000 views.