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Calm Your Spirit, Ease Your MindEvent Recap

Many have experienced mood swings and stress due to the social upheaval and uncertainties in recent months. To promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being, HKU SPACE organised the annual “Alumni Week” from October to November, on the theme of “Calm your spirit, ease your mind”, aiming to share tips on dealing with emotional issues and promote mindfulnes.  

Dr Cheung Kwan-sheung, Associate Professor of Chinese Medicine taught breathing techniques and recipe for medicinal Chinese soups to improve sleep quality and to sooth anxieties.

Mr Shum Yat-fei, a senior current affairs commentator shared his views on global affairs in 2020, combining forecasts from western prophets and the Chinese Book of Changes.

The speakers interacted with the alumni and the general public in an attempt to defy the current social tension; all enjoyed a pleasant and relaxing evening.