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ICB Outstanding Teachers Presentation CeremonyEvent Recap

09 Sep 2017 (Sat)
Outstanding Teachers' Award 2017

Mr Gary Chui, Mr Spencer Chiu, Mr Terence Chung, Ms Tsumin Huang, Ms Gina Kao, Prof NR Liu [(Deputy Director (Business and China))], Prof Lieu, Dr Lu Chern, Mr Alan Lau and Ms Catherine Ng (Awardees from left to right)

Full list of the awardees of the ICB Outstanding Teachers Award

Full list of the awardees of the ICB Outstanding Teachers Award

As one of the key activities of the Homecoming Day 2017 of the Institute for China Business, the ICB Outstanding Teachers Presentation Ceremony 2017 was held at the Club Siena in Discovery Bay on 9 September, 2017 to acknowledge our dedicated teachers who are vital to the success of the Institute through the years.  Fifteen teachers were elected and nine of them came forward in the presentation ceremony.  Over 100 students and alumni joined the presentation ceremony to share the happiness with the awardees.

The Presentation Ceremony was held just one day before the Teachers’ Day in Mainland China.  Some very warm and touchy thank-you messages from students were broadcast in praise of our teachers before Professor Ning Liu, Deputy Director (Business & China) cum the Principal of Institute for China Business conducted the award presentation.  Our awarded teachers also expressed their feelings and these are some citations.

"In the ICB, my deepest feeling is to be respected.  How to get respect?  Because of the vision of lifelong learning".

"Life is like a necklace.  Every event or decision is a pearl on the necklace.  (I am) very happy to meet the pearl of ICB."

"The meaning of life is life affects life."