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[精彩回顧] 楊健明教授及伉儷演講廳命名典禮

HKU SPACE held a naming ceremony for the “Professor and Mrs Enoch Young Lecture Theatre” at the Admiralty Learning Centre on 5 June 2018 in grateful appreciation of the generous donation and the many years of contributions from Professor Young. 

In addition to Professor and Mrs Enoch Young, officiating guests included Professor Edward K. Y. Chen, Chairman of the Board of HKU SPACE and Dr William Leung, Chairman of the HKU SPACE Foundation. Other honoured guests included former Chairman of the Board of HKU SPACE Dr Darwin Chen; Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Professor Ian Holliday; former Convenor of the National People's Congress Hong Kong delegation Ms Maria Lam; members of HKU SPACE Foundation; members of the HKU SPACE Alumni Council; the School’s management and former colleagues; and Professor Young’s family and friends. Altogether 140 guests attended.

In his address, Professor Edward Chen said that Professor Young had made many contributions to the School. Thanks to his foresight, Professor Young was quick to establish the HKU SPACE Community College, the first college to provide associate degree programmes in Hong Kong.  Professor Young is also an economist, and under his directorship, the School expanded to many teaching areas and offices including the one where the Lecture Theatre named after him and Mrs Young is located. This makes today’s Naming Ceremony even more meaningful.

Professor Enoch Young said in his speech that he had worked in the higher education sector his entire life and he particularly enjoyed his 11 years as the director of HKU SPACE. During this time, he had opportunity to make numerous friends who gave a lot of support to him and his wife. He felt that they had gained far more than they had given to the School, and they were deeply honoured that the School had named this beautiful lecture theatre after them. Professor Young also said that to be a successful person, one should have a high IQ, a high EQ, and now a high LQ. L stands for Love. One should not only focus on one’s own success, but should also help others to be successful too. Because, in the end, their success will be yours too.

The Ceremony was enriched by a surprising and marvelous performance from one of the School’s music tutors and Professor Young’s good friend Ms Rao Lan and friends. They sang Over the Rainbow, Lakme, and You Raise Me Up. The performance made a perfect finale to a wonderful evening.