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Open SPACE 2021Event Recap

05 Jun 2021 (Sat)

The School's Open Day in 2021 was successfully held on 5 June. In order to meet the interests and choices of different citizens, Open Day this year was carried out online and offline simultaneously, allowing participants to keep up with the times and enjoy the fun of knowledge both from home and on site.

E-payment has gradually become popular in Hong Kong in recent years, and various relevant tools have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. With the popular “Stay-at-Home Economy” that has emerged for over a year, contactless payment has been redefined as a transaction method, and digital currency has quietly entered our lives. During the keynote talk “Digital money and FinTech reshaping the new global economic landscape” at the School’s Open Day this year, Dr King Au, Executive Director of the Financial Services Development Council (FSDC) and Mr Emil Chan, Chairman of the FinTech Committee of the Smart City Consortium (SCC), shared their insights on how digital currency and FinTech have changed and are continuing to change today’s business models, and the opportunities and challenges associated with innovative payment methods.

Another keynote talk “Stories about DNA” was given by Professor Danny Chan, S Y and H Y Cheng Professor in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, detailing the interesting relationship between DNA and health.

Altogether, there were 30 talks on the day covering topics as varied as market trends, various professions, wellness & health, languages, and culture. For example, there were talks such as “An overall observation on COVID-19 vaccines”, “Post-pandemic ‘Treasure Hunt’ in Tokyo” and “Tips and recipes on summer diet foods from the perspective of ‘Five Elements Theory’ (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)”, etc. The public responded enthusiastically to the School’s Open Day. The total number of live viewers of each talk reached over 2,200.

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