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Certificate in AI and Robotics (Senior Secondary Applied Learning)

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05 Oct 2024 (Sat)
2 years
2587 3294
2571 8480
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The course is designed to introduce students the concept of artificial intelligence and robotics technology development and enhance their awareness of the emerging technology development through building relevant simple prototype and applications.  The curriculum covers the fundamentals of robotics (from design to the movement of robots), artifical intelligence programming, their applications and issues in society, as well as automation and system integration.  This is to prepare students to further study and pursue a career in the industy.

Programme Details


The programme consists of 180 hours (60 lessons) and is divided into 3 modules.

MODULE 1                         45 HOURS

Theory and Practice of Artificial Intelligence

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Technology
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Robotics Vision
  • Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence
MODULE 2                         60 HOURS

Robot and Mechatronic

  • Concepts of inverse kinematics and localisation
  • Robot design concept
  • Detection device, mobility and locomotion
  • Fundamentals of human-machine interface
MODULE 3                         75 HOURS

Artificial Intelligence in Robotic Application Development 

  • Big data and Artificial Intelligence in robot design
  • Decision-making system development
  • Fault detection, rectification and recovery
  • Technical requirements for artificial intelligence in robotics
  • Robotics control through artificial intelligence


On completion of the programme, students should be able to

  1. describe the key concept of artificial intelligence and robotics technology, and appraise the value created by artificial intelligence and robotic applications; 
  2. demonstrate basic programming knowledge and skills on modern and popular artificial intelligence and robotics development platforms; 
  3. implement artificial intelligence and robotics solutions by selecting and applying appropriate development tools; 
  4. develop problem-solving skills through tackling artificial intelligence and robotics-related issues with multi-disciplinary knowledge; 
  5. develop self-understanding for further studies and career development in the related field. 


Includes case study, written test, practical exercise, project and presentation.


Students who successfully completed the programme (have at least 80% attendance and achieve qualified results in assessment tasks) will be awarded "Certificate in AI and Robotics (Senior Secondary Applied Learning (QF Level 3))"  within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.



Class Details

The programme will be delivered in either English or Cantonese, depending on the number of applicants.

Class Mode

Mode 1:
3 hours lessons in every Saturday morning and/or afternoon, or full day lessons at HKU SPACE Learning Centres. Summer class will be arranged.
Mode 2:
Arranged by secondary school and HKU SPACE; class will be arranged on weekday and/or Saturday. Depends on the equipment/facility needed, some classes may be held at HKU SPACE Learning Centre. Summer class will be arranged.

Entry Requirements

Applicants shall be Secondary 3 or Secondary 4 students. Secondary 3 students can apply in advance but they must be in Secondary 4 when the Applied Learning course starts. Whereas Secondary 4 students can choose to study the course either in Secondary 4 or when they reach Secondary 5.


Enrolment Method

Students must apply through their schools from mid February to mid April. Please contact your secondary school for details.

Payment Method

Course fee will be subsidized by secondary school and the Education Bureau.
Course fee is HK$18,000 and paid by 2 installments.
For class mode 2, course fee will be partially exempted according to the teaching venue and teaching support provided by the partner secondary school.

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