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Dec 2019

Professional Seminar - Fintech Risk Management – Impact and Future trend

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| Finance and Compliance, Risk Management, Accounting

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Date & time
04Dec 2019 (Wed)19:15 - 20:00 Free
Room 316, Admiralty Learning Centre, Admiralty Exit A
Mr. Wilson Pang (CPA, CISA)

Mr. Wilson Pang (CPA, CISA)

Wilson is working in an authority with responsibilities to facilitate healthy fintech development in Hong Kong. Prior to this role, Wilson was a Director of one of the Big-4 firms who led cyber security and IT consulting related services. He has more than 10 year experience in teaching professional courses.

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Theme Talk on Fintech Risk Management

"Fintech Risk Management – Impact and Future trend"


Financial technology (“FinTech”) usually refers to the use of innovative technology to deliver a wide range of financial products and services.  Those engaged in the industry seek to develop new technologies to disrupt traditional institutions such as insurance companies and banks. Incumbents are also trying to catch up the new trend.

FinTech enable service providers to provide better, faster and more innovative solutions to customers. However, at the same time, new technologies also created new dynamics in the market and generating new risks. Risk management professionals should understand the dynamics, assess and manage the risk coming from it.  

The talk will introduce the latest Executive Certificate in Fintech Risk Management, the first of it kind offered in the market, to help you manage and master FinTech Risk. 

Speaker: Mr. Wilson Pang (CPA, CISA)

Dates: 4 December 2019 (Wed)

Venue: Room 316, Admiralty Learning Centre, Admiralty Exit A

 Online registration is available. For more details, please contact Ms. JessicaTse at 2867 8409 


HKU SPACE offers a range of  Executive Certificate programmes:

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This programme is developed to provide students with the knowledge needed to anticipate potential risks of the emerging technologies; with a focus on the financial industry. 

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