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Apr 2022

Use of Chinese medicine in the prevention, treatment and aftercare of COVID-19

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Date & time
21Apr 2022 (Thu)16:00 - 17:00 Free
Type of Event
Online Attendance
  • Dr Cheung Kwan-sheung (The Head of Chinese Medicine Clinic and Pharmacy, HKU SPACE)
Dr Cheung Kwan-sheung

Dr Cheung Kwan-sheung


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How does traditional Chinese medicine prevent and treat COVID-19? Is the Lianhua Qingwen Capsule effective? Will taking traditional Chinese medicine after vaccination have any adverse effects? Does Traditional Chinese medicine take longer to treat the new coronavirus? Are there any herbal soups that can soothe the symptoms of COVID and accelerate the recovery process?

Traditional Chinese medicine mainly emphasises avoiding and eliminating the virus and strengthening and protecting the body’s immunity. On 21 April, Dr Cheung Kwan-sheung will share his professional knowledge on this topic and explain how to prevent and treat COVID and the aftercare of COVID cases from a Chinese medicine perspective.