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BusinessFinance and Investment

Finance and Investment

HKU SPACE College of Business and Finance provides state-of-the-art Finance subjects that will allow students to earn prestigious professional qualifications as well as open a pathway towards renowned Bachelor degree programmes. These programmes cover a wide sphere including Investment, Wealth Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Compliance and Internet Finance. They offer high quality teaching, clear and concise leaning materials, a conducive learning environment and a flexible schedule to meet the needs of working adults. Through these programmes students will receive the training they need to find the right employment in a wide range of financial services sectors.

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The Executive Certificate in Big Data and Business Analytics aims to provide students with knowledge in Big Data and Business Analytics for management decision-making. Students are expected to be familiar with different big data analyses, tools and methodologies. The programme provides an insight on how business world is using Big Data to improve their business models. 

Start 25 AUG 2018 (SAT)
Duration 1 month to 2 months
Fee HK$6000
開課日期 2018年10月6日 (星期六)
修業期 4個星期
課程費用 HK$1500
This workshop focuses on helping individual design a solid financial plan to fund his/her retirement. You will be working on your own retirement planning, remember to bring your own calculator to the workshop. 本工作坊集中於教授如何為個人設計一份針對退休生活的財務策劃。你將會為自己度身訂製一個專屬於你自己的退休計劃,請務必攜帶計數機。
開課日期 2018年11月17日 (星期六)
修業期 1日
課程費用 HK$1,500
The programme provides a solid foundation for students to prepare for CFA level 3 examination offered by CFA Institute.
Start 17 NOV 2018 (SAT)
Duration 4 months
Fee HK$12,000
本課程旨在幫助投資者瞭解衍生工具的基本知識,從而減少投資風險及增加收益。 課程內容包括:衍生產品市場概覽、認股證、恒指輪證、牛熊證、期貨、遠期市場和利用期貨套期保值、掉期、期權市場、衍生工具交易策略,以及結構產品。

開課日期 2018年11月12日 (星期一)
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$1500


Start 10 NOV 2018 (SAT)
Duration 4 weeks
Fee HK$1500
This module is designed to provide an overview of the accounting and tax aspects with issues encountered in the merger and acquisition exercises nowadays and the related due diligence process.
Start 20 OCT 2018 (SAT)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$5970
近年金融市場瞬息萬變,環球經濟充斥著很多不穩定因素,投資者要於日趨複雜的投資市場獲利,便須進一步了解各種投資產品,並運用不同的交易策略以增加投資回報及避險。 本課程除包含股票、外匯、衍生產品及對冲基金的投資理論外,更引用不同實例講解複雜的交易策略,務求以深入淺出的方法讓學員掌握不同市况的投資策略。
開課日期 2018年10月16日 (星期二)
修業期 3個月
課程費用 HK$3750
This module is tailored for non-financial executives as an introduction to the concepts of cost analysis for management decisions. Topics include budget for control, standard costing and variance analysis using flexible budgets for material, labour and overhead, sales analysis using quantity, mix and volume analysis.
Start 13 OCT 2018 (SAT)
Duration 4 weeks
Fee HK$3500 per module. Course fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice.
本課程旨在協助投資者掌握風險管理知識及技術,並配合策略加以運用。初次介紹 :
1. 什麼是風險 2. 如何量化風險 3. 套期保值的概念  4.交易所買賣基金,5.VIX  "恐慌指數產品"。 減低投 資風險,增加投資回報。 
開課日期 2018年9月20日 (星期四)
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$1500