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Create your own route in further studiesEvent Recap

16 Jul 2021 (Fri)
Angela - 李安瑩


Christy - 馬以翎


Cindy - 張熙文


Liz - 郭莉萍


Tang Wing Sum - 鄧詠心 & Matthew - 梁景楠

Tang Wing Sum & Matthew

Create your own route in further studies

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) exam results will be released soon, which means Form 6 students are about to move onto a new stage of life. Students with good grades will enter their favorite universities; but this does not mean that the rest will be eliminated by the exam - they can find another way for their further studies. The sub-degree programmes offered by HKU SPACE Community College can provide those students with another choice in entering a higher educational establishment, allowing them to achieve their dreams through this route.

Dreams can also come true

2020 graduates

Angela Lee - In 2018, she resolutely gave up the offer of Bachelor of Science and chose to study an Associate Degree at the College. “My dream is to become a medical laboratory technologist, and the College's Associate of Biomedical Sciences is designed similar to PolyU's Medical Laboratory Science, which can pave the way for me and help me enter my ideal university.” Last year, Angela graduated with great GPA results (reaching 4 or above) and progressed to BSc (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science at PolyU.

Tang Wing-sum - She rejected the Open University degree offer that year and studied Associate of Business Administration at the College. She did this because she wanted to enter her preferred university through another way. “My grades have been continuously evaluated during the two-year associate degree, which is less stressful than depending everything on a one-time public exam.” Last year, Wing Sum finally achieved her wish and entered HKUST to study the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Matthew Leung - His HKDSE results were not satisfactory that year so he chose to study Associate of Engineering at the College. Last year, he graduated with excellent grades and received 5 degree programme offers from 4 universities. He hoped to become an electronics engineer in the future. “It doesn't matter even if you fail the HKDSE exam since taking an associate degree will help you regain your confidence. Watching more English-speaking TV programmes will help improve your English skills, allowing you to get twice the results with half the effort.”

2021 graduates

Christy Ma - She came back to Hong Kong from Malaysia. In order to enhance her work competitiveness, she decided to apply for the Associate of Business Administration at the College in 2019. “The College’s learning atmosphere is very good, and there have been many extra-curricular competitions. I hope new students can seize every opportunity and learn experiences to help themselves grow.” This year, she received 4 degree offers from the HKUST, CityU, HKBU and PolyU.  

Cindy Cheung - In 2019, she rejected an offer from PolyU HKCC and chose to study Higher Diploma in Chinese for Professional Communication at the College. “Its courses are more diversified and have a good balance between arts and sciences. The media programmes have given me opportunities to participate in filmmaking and practise my communication skills, which have made me more confident and outgoing.” Cindy is about to bid farewell to her associate degree with excellent results and enter the University of Hong Kong for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education (Double Degree). “Believing in yourself” was the message she sent to the new students.

Liz Kwok - After the HKDSE results were released, she received offers in associate degree from many colleges, and she eventually chose to study Associate of Arts in Languages and Humanities at the College. “The courses here are comprehensive and diverse. Different types of elective subjects have allowed me to explore my own interests and strengths. The teachers gave good lessons, explained questions clearly, and provided me with a lot of valuable suggestions when I was choosing schools and subjects.” Liz has already received offers from HKU, CUHK, HKBU and EdUHK.