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29 Apr 2021 (Thu)

To grow and progress, enterprises or institutions must continue to innovate, and as a tertiary institution with a long history the School is no exception. In accordance with social development trends and in order to move forward with everyone, we have designed and launched nearly 50 new programmes this year.

Learn languages to walk into other people’s hearts

The former president of South Africa said: “If you speak to a man in a language he understands, you speak to his head. If you speak to him in his language, you speak to his heart.”

Being able to speak local languages not only helps to integrate into local life, but more importantly, it makes the local people feel respected. Thailand is one of the countries that Hong Kong people are most familiar with. Whether you are a travel enthusiast and are ready to get on the plane after Covid-19 to enjoy a sunny holiday there; or you are considering moving to Thailand to live a slow life, learning Thai will make your holidays more exciting and your life more comfortable. The enrolment of the “Online Thai 1” course filled up very quickly but it is now reopening and we have newly added the 2nd and 3rd series courses. Don't miss it if you are interested.

Paying attention to healthcare delivers life-long benefits

Living in the era of longevity, we should pay more attention to our health. A healthy life is not only about maintaining the body and preventing diseases, but more importantly, it is about keeping a happy mood, doing what you want to do with a peaceful mind and living a good life.

When Covid-19 hit Hong Kong, many people chose to stay at home to avoid infections. They ‘secretly’ practiced culinary skills and became chefs at home, fighting the pandemic in a soft way. The Certificate for Module “Healthy Snacks Workshop” teaches you how to apply Chinese medicine in the daily diet (especially for pastries and snacks), and how to choose suitable Chinese medicine ingredients to make healthy snacks for your family.

Adjust the mind and cope with the changes of the times

Being in a complex environment, we must have a strong heart to adapt to the changes of the times and deal with unknown fate, therefore mental health is very important.

The Tao of Incense in Body, Mind, Soul Wellbeing” course will take you into the traditional Chinese Tao of incense to learn how it can develop health in the body, mind and soul. The Tao of incense theory originated from China and was then integrated into Zen after being spread to Japan. Learning the Tao of incense will make your life elegant, gracious and fascinating.

Digital media marketing is a great opportunity

With the rapid development of social media, digital marketing has become the core business of enterprises. Want to become popular in the workplace? Learning relevant knowledge and skills is the best way.

Executive Certificate in Professional Digital Media Selling” is a brand-new programme launched by the School in collaboration with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Hong Kong which aim to groom talents for the digital media industries and to teach solid basic knowledge and elevate the skill sets of the workforce. It is suitable for digital media marketing practitioners to enrol.

Comprehend culture and understand society

Cultural relics and art are witnesses to the development of material and spiritual civilisation of human society, and they contain abundant and precious historical information. Therefore, cultural conservation has become a hot topic in society in recent years.

The “Certificate in Docent Studies on Buddhist Art Museum of Tsz Shan Monastery” course is launched by the School in collaboration with Tsz Shan Monastery. Aside from teaching the basic knowledge of Chinese Buddhist art and Buddhist philosophy, it also covers other related fields, including art appreciation, museums, art and cultural environment, etc. The course focuses on the beliefs and values of Han Buddhism carried forward by Tsz Shan Monastery, helping students gradually become familiar with the practice of both social welfare and self-worth of Tsz Shan Monastery.

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