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Find And Develop Your True Talents Event Recap

HKU SPACE Community College will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary. As part of the special memorial edition, the College has interviewed 20 alumni to share their views and thoughts. Some of them are the first batch of graduates, now with a distinguished career; some are younger who have just entered the society a few years ago.

What changes have the College brought about for these students? Here, Associate Degree and Higher Diplomas alumni will share their thoughts and experiences…

“Most of the students who entered the College were not very cheerful. They had just faced their first setback in life, perhaps even felt themselves like a loser…”, Ms Currie Tsang, College Vice Principal said quite open-heartedly. Students opted for the College mainly because they haven’t achieved desirable results in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. Therefore it is only natural that they feel lost and disappointed. 

Why choose the Community College?  “To pursue university education, of course.”  The answer is loud and clear.

​Flexible learning mode   A mentor-mentee relationship

“Studying in the Community College has changed me a lot, it is also a major turning point in my life.” Alumni pointed out that the flexible teaching mode is vastly different from their secondary education. “I learnt how to think critically and see a problem from different angles. I have benefitted a lot from it.” They also stressed repeatedly that “studying is no longer about memorising , but rather based on real life experiences. We have to gather and analyse information, go through discussions before making a report… .”

Commenting on the programmes, alumni said, “during the first year, you can choose different courses such as psychology, drama and art appreciation”. The diversity of courses would broaden students’ horizon and lay the ground for an extraordinary life.   

Then there is the harmonious relationship between teachers and students.  “Our teachers were very professional and dedicated, not only did they fulfil their responsibilities whole-heartedly, they also cared about the students’ well-being.” Students and teachers remain in contact even after graduation, it can even be called “friendship”. 

Looking back at the past, the time spent in the Community College is much cherished. They are all satisfied with the curriculum design, teaching mode, as well as the highly qualified teaching staff.

Frustration is just a part of life. Entering the College could be the starting point to a new path, a second chance to pursue studies in university. As the old saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome”; the only difference is the landscapes along the paths. The experience they gained could even help them adapt to university life more easily. 

Discover and embrace your dreams in the campus

As varied as individuals can be, alumni pursued in different directions after they graduated from the College. Some entered universities, some found their career opportunities and interests in various professional fields. One of our most notable alumni is a magician who developed his interest in magic since childhood. After becoming a magician, he learnt to design balloons and became the champion of a world-class balloon design competition. 

Among those who have found their path to study in university, their personal paths after graduation are as diverse as the others. Some of them pursued further studies and became academicians; some entered the society and shined in their professions. We have alumni who are in the law, education, banking and transportation sectors. We also have alumni who chose to live an alternative life - returning to pastoral life.

Some alumni have established their own business and seek to attain greater career achievements.  They are involved in varied fields of business including advertisement design, information technology, education technology, and even wedding planning.  

The great educationer Tao Xingzhi once said, “Living on this earth, we are all talented in one or another way; we all came to life with one great aim, and we shall pursue it with our whole life.” These young men and women who started the new chapter of life beginning from the College, have developed their potentials and attained great achievement in life.

Perhaps such is life. 

A master can be found in any trade. Remember this, and we all have the chance to shine someday.