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03 Jul 2017 (Mon)

People in Hong Kong often forget to stop and breathe. The hectic and demanding pace of our work frequently eclipses all our personal energy and space.

Reflecting on this, Lam Chiu Ying says that as human beings we should seek not simply to survive, but to thrive – to differentiate ourselves from animals hunting for mere sustenance. In order to enrich his own existence, Lam constantly pursues new opportunities to learn.

World snooker champion Ng On Yee was motivated to take up studying again when she was confronted by the variety and riches of the world she was encountering on her travels to international competitions. For Ng, continuous learning was a way to expand her intellectual and personal horizons.

Ko Wing Man who is accomplished in both Chinese and Western medicine, is also keen on astronomy and bird watching in his spare time. Such activities inspire him in his professional practice, enabling him to learn not just from books, but also from nature.

Rowing star, Law Hiu Fung returned to studying during a career slump following initial fame. Experiences in the classroom presented Law with opportunities to recharge and re-energise himself as both an athlete and coach.

These four alumni are all distinguished representatives of Hong Kong. Regardless of their professional success, however, they pursued continuous growth and development, by learning and holistic enrichment, that in turn enabled them to achieve even more in the chosen fields.