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Roundtable Discussion on Embracing Cultural Diversity on CampusesEvent Recap

On 25 January 2019, teachers and students of full-time programme, and administrative staff of HKUSPACE gathered at Kowloon East Campus to converse about teaching and learning at the School in the context of increasing diversity of students’ cultural backgrounds. The event was held in the form of a forum, inviting Prof L S Chan, the College Principal of CC and HPSHCC; Christopher Tong, Student Counsellor of CC; Tahir Elza and Kaur Simarjit, student representatives; Brian Lau, CC alumni student; and Dr Kristen Li, the Director of Associate Master Programme of Baptist University to share their experience and opinions on the aforementioned topic. In the discussion, the students reflected about both challenges they faced and supports they received from their learning arising from cultural differences and language barriers.  Prof Chan and Christopher restated the various supports and policies adopted by the Colleges to welcome students from diversified cultural backgrounds and warrant an inclusive teaching and learning environment.  Dr Li further enriched the conversation by sharing her substantial experience in running international cultural programmes with students of higher education and highlighted some effective strategies she had used in minimizing possible problems caused by cultural conflicts. The discussion ended with a positive note and consensus that cultural diversity should be respected and embraced on campus and that is well aligned with the current academic and administrative policies of the School.