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There are always many paths to reach your dreamFeature Story

19 Jul 2022 (Tue)

DSE result day is coming and many students may be worrying that their results may not be good enough to get into their favourite university. But don’t worry. If you have a dream, there will always be many paths that lead to your destination no matter where or what it is. The Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes from HKU SPACE Community College (CC) can help you get into university and lead you to the bright future you want.

When Oscar, Vanessa and Nick were children, they already had a dream to have careers in aviation. But then they failed language subjects in their DSE. However, they were told about applying for a Higher Diploma in Aviation and Piloting to pursue their dream step by step along a different path. Now they are all studying for aviation degrees at HKUST and PolyU and looking forward to the career they’d always dreamed of.

Not everyone’s study path is smooth. Basma who always wanted to be a teacher had disappointed DSE results and felt lost. But, then she thought about a different route. She became a part-time barista to pay for her studies over the past five years and took an Associate of Arts in English Language and Literature course in 2020. In the coming academic year, she will study for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at CityU. She’s so grateful to her teachers at the Community College, and for sure, her whole experience will help to make her a better teacher when she graduates.

“Study hard, play hard”—Carman and Jane who will continue their studies at HKBU and HKU respectively are enjoying fruitful school lives by joining different societies, going camping and taking part in off-campus competitions. These activities all help them to gain more practical experience, develop broader networks and clarify their future paths. They both say, “believe in yourself. There are always alternative ways to move forward. If you persist, you’ll get into university in the end.” If you would like to find out about other students’ journeys, click onto the Faculty of Possibility.

Last year, nearly two thirds of students who progressed to full-time degree studies were admitted to UGC-funded universities*, while over one third of Associate Degree graduates and students were admitted to HKU, CUHK or HKUST. Candidates are welcome to join any of our admission days online or in person from 20 to 22 July. 

*For details, please refer to the college website.  More Details