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Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level)

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Start Date
02 Sep 2024 (Mon)
Next intake(s)
Jan 2025
2 years to 5 years
Course Fee
From $10,200 per module
How to Apply

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HKU SPACE congratulates the ADLE graduates successfully admitted to the PCLL (including PCLL government-funded places) Find out how to follow the same path at weekly information seminars


The Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level) (AdvDip for LE) is the only law programme that gives credit for work experience, allowing candidates to fast track to becoming a lawyer via the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) programme without any need to study a law degree or similar qualification simply by also accumulating 3 years of law-related employment.


Begin your law studies on HKU SPACE's popular Certificate in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) and you can now benefit from this unique pathway all the way to the PCLL and legal practice.




Programme Details

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to enable students to consolidate and build upon the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during an Approved Legal Executive Course recognised by the Law Society of Hong Kong. This programme will further help them acquire an understanding at Graduate Level of all the core and top-up legal subjects required for progression to the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL).

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. critically analyse and evaluate legal principles and arguments, at a level required to progress to the vocational stage of legal education in Hong Kong;
  2. apply the knowledge, lawyering skills and legal reasoning to real situations in life, with a view to resolving issues, problems and disputes at a level commensurate with an LLB graduate;
  3. present effectively legal arguments in the professional context, as well as conveying and explaining the law effectively to lay clients and members of the larger community;
  4. communicate fluently in English, using legal terminology correctly, read a range of complex works within and about law and summarise arguments accurately; 
  5. identify and use primary and secondary legal sources relevant to the topic under study; and
  6. identify contemporary debates and engage with these whilst accurately documenting the law in the area.
Application Code 2245-LW026A -



Modules will be taught through a mixture of lecturesseminars and tutorials.



The 8 compulsory modules are as follows:

Application Code

Programme/Module Title

Module Fee (HKD)


LW026A Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level)

(for two or more modules in a single transaction)

(for single module enrolment)



COML5057 Advanced Criminal Law




COML5055 Advanced Contract Law




COML5060 Advanced Land Law




COML5061 Advanced Hong Kong Constitutional Law and Hong Kong Legal System




To be offered in 2024/2025

COML5058 Law of Evidence

14,800 *

16,800 *

COML5056 Equity and Trusts

14,800 *

16,800 *

COML5054 Advanced Tort Law

  9,800 *

11,800 *

COML5059 Advanced Company and Commercial Law

16,000 *

18,000 *

*  Course fee in 2022/2023 and subject to annual review 

(All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable)


Assessment Methods

Each module will be assessed by way of a written assignment and written examination. Candidates will receive a notification of results after completing each module.



Upon completion of the programme and proof of  3 years of law-related employment**, students would be awarded the Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives ( Graduate Level) within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.

** For details on the requisite law-related employment, click here.

Professional Accreditation

Candidates simply complete 8 modules over a period of 2 to 5 years and provide proof of 3 years of law-related employment (which can be completed before, during or after their AdvDip for LE studies*) in order to qualify for this graduate level award which then entitles them to apply directly for the PCLL programme offered by any of the 3 law schools in Hong Kong and there is no need to take any of the PCLL Conversion Exams required of graduates of many other law courses. After completing the PCLL programme, candidates can then either complete a 2-year training contract to become a solicitor, or a 1-year pupillage to become a barrister.

PCLL-Provider Recognition of Law-Related Employment

All 3 law schools have a certain number of PCLL places specially reserved  for applicants with at least 2 years of law-related employment.^ For details of how holders of the AdvDip for LE may be able to benefit from this, click here.

Postgraduate Studies

Since the ADLE is a graduate level qualification, it is recognised for admission to some postgraduate programmes. These include recognition in principle for admission to many LLMs offered by the University of London, and also recognition for admission to the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Law at HKU SPACE.

Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs, click here.

* All 3 years of law-related employment must be completed within 5 years of first enrolling on the programme. Click here for further information.
^ Since decisions on what constitutes law-related employment for the purpose of this special quota of PCLL places are a matter for the 3 law schools, there is no guarantee that any law-related employment recognised by HKU SPACE will always be similarly recognised by PCLL providers.  


Course Fee
  • From $10,200 per module

Entry Requirements

Applicants should:-

  1. have completed an Approved Legal Executive Course at QF Level 4 or above which meets the requirements of the Law Society's Benchmarks for Legal Executive Courses;


2.   i) have obtained a pass in 5 subjects in HKCEE; or

ii) have obtained in the HKDSE Examination a combination of results in 5 subjects of Level 2 in Senior Secondary subjects, “Attained” in Applied Learning (“ApL”) subjects (subject to a maximum of 2 ApL subjects) and Grade E in Other Language subjects; or

iii) have obtained other qualifications equivalent to those in (i) or (ii) above; or

iv) have been in law-related employment in Hong Kong for 3 years;


3.   provide evidence of English proficiency unless their results in 2 i) or ii) have fulfilled the required level of English, as follows:

a) a minimum grade of D in English language (Syllabus B) (or equivalent) in pre-2007 HKCEE, or

b) a minimum Level 3 in English language from 2007 HKCEE onwards, or

c) a minimum Level 3 in English language in HKDSE Examination since 2012, or

d) a minimum overall score of 6 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System). or

e) other equivalent evidence of English proficiency.

Candidates will normally first complete either HKU SPACE’s Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) or Higher Diploma for Legal Executives,* which are both recognised by the Law Society of Hong Kong and allow students who meet their criteria to qualify as Legal Executives. However, graduates of other approved legal executive courses may also be eligible for admission (please contact HKU SPACE for details).

Graduates of Approved Legal Executive Courses other than the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) programme must satisfy the Admissions Committee that they have completed Approved Legal Executive Courses at QF Level 4 or above and that this includes all the modules in the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) programme at an equivalent level. If necessary, the Admissions Committee may require such applicants to enroll on individual modules from the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) programme or equivalent short courses.

* Graduates of the Higher Diploma for Legal Executives must, in addition, complete a bridging course (offered by HKU SPACE) on Hong Kong Basic Law.


Application Form Application Form

Enrolment Method

The Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level) is now open for enrolment.

Simple way to apply

  1. Print out and fill in the Application Form, then Scan or Photograph it.
  2. Scan or Photograph the requisite Qualifications that you hold (for entry requirements, see:
  3. Email all of the above to (subject: “AdvDip for LE application”).

Note: scans/photographs must be clear and legible.

What happens next?

Within 7 days of receiving your email application, we will send you a Conditional Offer of enrolment on the AdvDip for LE programme, subject to our verification of your ORIGINAL qualifications.

Once you have received our Conditional Offer, please bring the ORIGINALS and PHOTOCOPIES of your Qualifications to any of our Enrolment Counters, along with the FEE PAYMENT (cheque or credit card).

Our Counter Staff will then check your Original Qualifications and certify the Photocopies (which we will keep on file), and then process your Fee Payment.

You will then be entitled to start your studies on the AdvDip for LE programme (subject to completion of any applicable ‘bridging courses’).

For more information:



*** Multiple Benefits of the AdvDip for LE Programme ***

  • Faster

The AdvDip for LE programme can be completed in as little as 2 years – faster than other routes to the PCLL programme.

  • Cheaper 

The AdvDip for LE programme is on pay-per-module basis, with most modules costing less than $11,000 each when paid for at the discounted “bundle rate” (i.e. 2 or more modules paid for in a single transaction) – it is therefore cheaper and more conveniently financed than other routes to the PCLL programme.

  • Flexible study

The AdvDip for LE programme is ideal for people with busy work schedules because all 8 modules are taught in the evenings and at weekends over a period of 2 years to 5 years – meaning that students can study to suit their own schedule, completing modules in a variety of permutations (maximum of 4 modules per year).

  • Expand your legal knowledge

The AdvDip for LE programme is even beneficial for those people not interested in pursuing the PCLL programme but, rather, simply wishing to expand their legal knowledge, building upon and learning beyond the subjects studied on the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) at HKU SPACE, to equip themselves them with further legal skills and awareness, and to increase their appreciation of law in a wider context.