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Architecture, Environment & Housing Digital Building Design

Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

Course Code
Application Code
To be advised

Study mode
Start Date
To be advised
8 months
English supplimented with Cantonese
Course Fee
To be updated.
This programme is currently on hold due to the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The programme aims to teach the foundation and intermediate techniques of using Rhinoceros in the production of 3-D models using Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) geometry and make arrangement for export, annotation and plotting, as well as detailed explanation on and exploration of the NURBS topology and the practical application of efficient modeling techniques, modeling strategy and advanced surfacing. 

Rhinoceros (Rhino), a three-dimensional modelling and computer aided design software, has become a standard tool for architects and designers. Rhino provides accuracy in translation of an idea or sketch readily into model and document for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing or construction.

Authorized Rhino Training CenterThis course is suitable for anyone new to Rhino, who wants to effectively learn the concepts and features of the software in an Authorized Rhino Trainer-led computer laboratory practical- learning through lectures, discussions and demonstration.

The in-class course exercises will be conducted to ensure understanding and application of key knowledge.  

This course is an Authorized Training Course by McNeel Asia. An official Level 1 and 2 Training Certificate will be issued along with the HKU SPACE Certificate.

Programme Aims &  Features

The programme teaches the foundation and intermediate techniques of using the 3D modeling software, Rhinoceros (Rhino) for designers. The course covers the practical aspects of utilizing the features of the Rhino user interface, the skills to customize the modeling environment, the commands used to create, render and annotate from basic to more complex graphic objects, the methods for creating 3D models with precision.

Aside from the skills gained from production of 3D model using the software, the programme also covers importing and exporting the models to and from different file formats, formatting for hardcopy output, and creating 3D models from 2D drawings and scanned images.

The skills gained from the programme will allow the application of Rhino’s modeling tools in creative and practical situations.

  1. Use Rhinoceros to create and edit accurate free-form three-dimensional models for use in design related fields.  (Modules 1 and 2) 
  2. Identify the practical features of the Rhinoceros modeling software and the commands for its extensive function.  (Modules 1 and 2) 
  3. Display, analyse, render and annotate digital models.  (Modules 1 and 2) 
  4. Manipulate digital models to and from different formats, and use layouts to arrange views of model for print production.  (Modules 1 and 2) 
  5. Define and explain NURBS topology and curve degree in Rhinoceros.  (Module 2)
  6. Conduct analysis of compound surface continuity. Create and manipulate surface with complex geometry.  (Module 2) 


Module Title

Contact Hours


Authorized Training in Rhinoceros – Level 1



Authorized Training in Rhinoceros – Level 2


Upon School’s approval, students exiting after satisfactory completion of Module 1 will be awarded the Foundation Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers and the official Level 1 Training Certificate from McNeel Asia. No partial refund of course fee will be entertained.

Students with satisfactory completion of Module 1 AND Module 2 will be awarded the Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers.

Students should submit their application for Module 2 no later than TWO years from date of completion of Module 1 should they decide to take Module 2 for the Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers award. (Level 2 Training)

  • Day/Time: Saturday, 10:00am - 1:00pm OR Sunday, 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Duration: 8 months
    Contact hours: 102 hours in total
Venue Tutor
  • Mr. Edmond WONG, BSc(Arch. Eng.)(Hons),PgDipArch University of Westminster, UK RIBA; Authorized Rhino 3D Trainer, McNeel Asia

Applicants shall be design professional or student with experience in Window based operators and software. Previous drafting  or computer aided design experience is helpful but not necessary. 

Application Fee

HK$200 (Non-refundable)

Course Fee
  • To be updated.
  • The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100
CEF Courses
Authorized Training in Rhinoceros - Level 1 (Module from Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers)
COURSE CODE 31Z124120 FEES $6,375 ENQUIRY 3762-0072
Authorized Training in Rhinoceros – Level 2 (Module from Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers)
COURSE CODE 31Z124139 FEES $6,375 ENQUIRY 3762-0072
Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)
Some modules of this course have been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.

Certificate in Rhinoceros for Designers

  • This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level [2])

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