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Recognition of Prior Learning - Logistics Industry Eligibility for Application

Eligibility for Application

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • be currently or previously in employment with the relevant industry;
  • be a Hong Kong resident having the right of abode, the right to land or stay in Hong Kong without restriction, i.e. either one of the symbols "A" (right of abode), "R" (right to land) or "U" (right to stay without any restrictions) should appear under the date of birth on his/her Hong Kong Identity Card ("HKID Card"). Holders of one-way permit who come to settle in Hong Kong from Mainland China can also apply. Those who are unable to present their one-way permits and HKID Cards in person for verification by the Recognition of Prior Learning Unit (Assessment Office) should attach the photocopies of the same to the application forms for submission by mail; and
  • have reached minimum requirement for years of working experience and relevant experience specified by industry for the Recognition of Prior Learning mechanism.