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Benefit from Flexible Learning with HKU SPACE's Dual Mode Guarantee for 2023

Dual Mode Guarantee


HKU SPACE is only the provider of part-time law programmes in Hong Kong that is guaranteeing a choice of both face-to-face and online classes* for students who start their studies in 2023 on the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law , Hong Kong's most popular part-time pathway towards legal practice.

This special guarantee is only available for students who start their studies in 2023, and is not guaranteed for future intakes.

What is Dual Mode?

 Dual mode puts you in control and give you more flexibility on how you study than any other part-time law programme. It means that Hong Kong-based lectures are delivered both face-to-face in the classroom and live online wherever possible, giving you the freedom to choose which method of study is most convenient for you. So you can choose to attend one lecture in the last classroom, and the next lecture online from your home or office. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Do I Need to Use a Computer for Online Classes?

No. A mobile app is also available and some students tell us that they prefer to watch the online classes on their mobile phone or tablet. Other students also tell us that having the mobile app is a great backup if they experience any technical difficulties using the computer. Its really up to you. As with so many other things on the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law we leave students to choose whatever is most convenient for them.

Will You Charge Extra for Dual Mode?

No.  Unlike some other law programmes, which force you to choose between either face-to-face or online teaching, on the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law we include both face-to-face and online teaching in the same course fee at no extra charge.  Providing dual mode teaching  takes a lot of extra resources, which is why we can not guarantee this for future intakes. But we are happy to provide it free of charge for students on this year's intake.

Can I also Benefit from Dual Mode on Year 2 of this Programme?

Yes, providing you continue to Year 2 of the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law  in the next academic year. This means that students who follow this normal study pathway will be guaranteed dual mode learning for the duration of their studies on the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law  .^

Why Are You Only Guaranteeing Dual Mode for this Intake?

Since offering dual mode teaching requires a large amount of extra staffing and resources, we may not have enough staff to continue offering dual mode teaching for future intakes. However to provide peace of mind for students who join this year's intake, we will guarantee dual mode teaching  for the duration of their studies along the normal study pathway for the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law  .^

Which Hong Kong Lectures are Dual Mode?

All lectures by Hong Kong-based teachers will be delivered dual mode wherever possible. In addition, some UK-based teachers are expected to travel to Hong Kong where they will also deliver dual mode classes, while other UK-based teachers will deliver their classes live online from Manchester. 

How About Tutorials?

Since tutorials are taught in much smaller groups, most students prefer to attend face-to-face tutorials (and find they learn more this way) even if they join other classes online. However we recognise that different students have different needs and, although the dual mode guarantee only applies to lectures, will also try to offer an online option for some tutorials if possible.

How About Attendance?

You can satisfy the attendance requirement for the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law  either by attending  live online classes or by attending face-to-face classes or by attending any combination of these two modes of teaching. If you are attending online classes, just make sure you login with your registered name so that your attendance is correctly recorded. If you are attending face-to-face classes, please check with our staff outside the classroom to make sure your attendance is correctly recorded.

How About Examinations?

To ensure the Graduate Diploma in English & Hong Kong Law continues to enjoy such an excellent track record in successfully preparing students for admission to the PCLL, examinations will normally be conducted face-to-face only. 

How About Lecture Recordings?

As an extra service for students, online 24/7 access is offered to recordings of most lectures wherever possible. Lecture recordings are not intended as  a substitute for attending classes and, for this reason, do not count towards the attendance requirement. But they are a great way to go back and listen to lectures a second (or even third) time, or catch up if you miss a lecture. Since tutorials, as small-group interactive sessions, are different in nature from lectures they are not recorded.

Are There Many Technical Problems?

Most students find they can connect to our online classes without any problem. If you do experience any difficulty connecting, please switch to a different computer (or use your phone or tablet instead) as this usually solves the problem. Like all online services, technical difficulties may occasionally arise  and we would ask for your patience in the unlikely event this happens to you. But more than 95% of classes are conducted without any problems and the 24/7 access to lecture recordings means that if you do experience any technical difficulties you can usually still listen to anything you missed via these recordings.

* Dual mode guarantee applies to lectures by Hong Kong-based teachers. See full explanation above.
 ^ Students who receive approval to defer their exams and/or are required to resit some exams in the next academic year do not follow this normal study pattern.

The Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (CPE)  is an exempted course under the Non Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
Hong Kong's most popular part-time pathway to the PCLL  as well as legal practice in England and Australia attracts more than  400 applicants annually. Priority is given to early applicants who may, in some cases, be admitted with lower grades. $250 application processing fee will also be waived for early applicants who apply before April 1.
Start 20 SEP 2023 (WED)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$50,900 course fee, £950 MMU reg. fee and $250 admin. handling fee (2023/24, Year 1)


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