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2021 Spring Prospectus is now available!

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted all our lives and many of our plans for this year.  It might even set off an economic recession that will impact our careers, but fortunately, not all the changes are negative. In our “new normal” situation, many enterprises have taken the opportunity to reform their business models. The Stay-at-Home economy, e-commerce and the healthcare industries are all booming. And this leads us to a fervent hope that there are exciting new prospects on the way. Looking forward to 2021, we should stay positive, and try to turn the many challenges we face into opportunities.

One way to do this is through the power of knowledge with HKU SPACE. The school has the largest offering of reimbursable Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Courses in Hong Kong, with more than 1,900 courses in 60 interest areas from business to the humanities, and technology to health sciences.

So, whether you would like to take the opportunity to sharpen your skills, switch directions in your career, cultivate an interest in some new areas, or simply enrich your life, there is sure to be a course that’s right for you. For example, Wealth Accumulation, RegTech, Online Thai, Information Technology, Sustainability, Healthy Snacks Workshop or Theatre Studies, to name just a few.

Our Spring Prospectus for 2021 is now available in hard copy at our learning centres or distribution points.

Download the e-version now! 

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accounting construction

  Corporate Governance 
  Finance and Compliance 

  Financial Services and Insurance

  FinTech and Financial Intelligence
  Investment Management 
  Risk Management

  Construction, Safety & Built Environment
  Digital Building Design
  Heritage Conservation & Management
  Housing & Property
  Logistics & Transport

Arts & Design BM

  Arts Management
  Chinese Art
  Culture & Philosophy
  Performing Arts
  Western Art

  Business Management
  Human Capital Leadership
  Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
  Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

lanaguage law

  Other Languages

  Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  Common Law and Professional Courses

health sciences marketing

  Chinese Medicine 
  Dietetics, Food & Nutrition 
  Medical Sciences 
  Nursing Studies and Healthcare
  Smart Wellness & Sustainability
  Sports, Exercise & Recreation 

  Hospitality, Tourism & Events 
  Digital and Social Media Marketing 
  Marketing Communications and Branding 
  Retail, Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

social sciences technology

  Media & Communication
  Psychology & Counselling
  Social Work & Sociology 

  Advanced Technology & Computing 
  Data Science 
  General and Environmental Sciences 
  Library & Information Studies