Financial Postgraduate Diplomas Information Seminar (11 Dec 2019) - HKU SPACE
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Dec 2019

Financial Postgraduate Diplomas Information Seminar (11 Dec 2019)

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Date & time
11Dec 2019 (Wed)18:30 - 19:00 Free
ADC308, 3/F, Admiralty Learning Centre, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong (access via the shopping arcade escalators through Exit A, Admiralty MTR Station)(W03570)
28678476 (
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Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management and Financial Intelligence
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Financial Engineering

Come Learn which one is more suitable for you!

The Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management and Financial Intelligence programme aims to equip students with the latest technologies on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for financial industry; stimulate students to apply financial intelligence to perform investment management; impart financial and investment management knowledge and skills to students to enhance their financial decision making; facilitate students to understand and analyze contemporary issues as well as the latest development in the financial world.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management programme covers in details a wide range of financial investment concepts. It has a rigorous syllabus. Students will learn the theories that underlie investment decisions, as well as practical real world case studies; Students will also learn how to apply the knowledge and techniques used by market professionals.  Students with quantatative background will be able to learn the financial theories and concepts much easier in this programme.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Financial Engineering aims to train students to establish financial and trading systems in a logical and scientific way; to deliver the financial and economic knowledge to students and to equip them with financial quantitative analysis capability. It will enable students to manage actual trading operations proficiently and become professional investment traders. After completing the programme, students can enhance their ability to analyze financial and economic issues; to construct hedge fund trading strategies and to calculate the pricing of financial derivatives.