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Jun 2022

Major IT Trends Shaping Logistics Management (Online)

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Open SPACE 2022
Logistics & Transport

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11Jun 2022 (Sat)11:00 - 12:00
  • Mr Russell Wong (HKU SPACE Part-time Lecturer)

Mr Russell Wong

Russell is a passionate and engaging trainer, practical academic and consultant with 25+ years of global/ regional strategic management, corporate development, marketing and business development leadership experience in high performing organizations across diverse industries, from b2c to b2c and from MNCs to family businesses. Russell has been teaching IT-related disciplines for more than 15 years, concentrating on RFID applications in global supply chain management. His recent interest in using IT to drive digital transformation from business model changed to IoT application. Russell received his balanced portfolio with over 20 years of being an adjunct professor, lecturer, and dissertation supervisor of 20+ Universities/Institutes from Hong Kong, the UK, Australia and the USA at the master level. He also taught supply chain management in Beijing to China executives.

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Certificate for Module (New Normal in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry) Certificate for Module (Smart Information Technologies for Logistics)

From new technologies to explore and take advantage of, to shifting regulations that require new strategies and tactics to ensure agile and flexibility, global logistics must consider new and emerging trends to stay at the bleeding edge and remain competitive.

In this session, the speaker will share the latest emerging technologies to explore current trends in the global supply chain. 



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