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Jun 2023

How to Use Bazi for Wellness Planning

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Open SPACE 2023
Smart Wellness

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Date & time
10Jun 2023 (Sat)11:00 - 12:00
🔷【In-person】: Room 306,3/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty 🔷【Online】: HKU SPACE YouTube Channel
  • Mr Philip Wan (HKU SPACE Part-time teacher)

Mr Philip Wan

溫民生先生1978年畢業於香港大學機械工程學系。畢業後取得專業工程師資格,歷任港鐵工程項目主管、房屋署屋宇裝備工程師等職。溫先生一向醉心玄學,2005年始,先後從中州派王亭之先生首徒蔣匡文博士、高徒葉漢良先生學習玄空風水及紫微斗數,略有所悟。其後更因緣得遇覺慧居士張惠能博士於中華智慧管理學會,再拜師研習八字,距今已歷逾十餘寒暑。出版作品包括《增修版八字心悟》、《增修版八字面相學》、《增修版八字百訣》、《八字十式基礎篇》及《八字十式進階篇》等。2016年始至今為中華智慧管理學會發報流年預測,2017年始在學會開講八字十式講座,並於2018年正式開授八字十式課程基礎班和進階班,又於2020年在HKU SPACE開授八字應用之健康管理與生命規劃課程。

3762 0081 (
Relevant Programmes
證書 (單元 : 健康與生命規劃的實用八字) 證書 (單元 : 玄空風水健康規劃)

Qing Emperor 雍正 used Bazi when considering high-rank officials deployment. To establish good Bazi background knowledge one normally prefers classic literatures to nowadays publications. After that, thousands of repeated practices are of paramount importance. To this end, "八字十式" are the most efficient tools. It is a set of special instruments (instrumentarium) that use PhD research methodology to study Bazi and 術數. The Bazi of the Ming dynasty Emperor 永樂皇帝朱棣 is used as a demonstration of "八字十式" in this talk.

Language - Cantonese


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