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Engineering and Science Green Technology and Sustainability

Green Technology and Sustainability

Leveraging Hong Kong's unique strengths in the global technological revolution, green technology and sustainability is considered as one of the Hong Kong’s future development areas. HKU SPACE provides a comprehensive range of training programmes to support he development of green technology and sustainability in the areas of building services, environmental solutions, energy, carbon audits, and environment social and corporate government (ESG). In collaboration with different professional organizations, students would learn the latest knowledge and best practices of the industry.

Green Technology and Sustainability Programmes

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Ulster University, United Kingdom
This programme aims to produce architecturally informed Building Services Engineers and Energy professionals who are able to deliver energy conscious and environmentally sustainable solutions for buildings. There are 3 teaching blocks (3 semesters) which consist of 11 modules in total. After completing this programme, students will be able to enhance their knowledge with professions in delivering environmentally sustainable solutions and reduce the environmental impact for existing and new buildings. 
Start 02 SEP 2024 (MON)
Duration 18 months
Fee HK$105,000* in 3 installments:
Teaching Block 1: HK$27,000
Teaching Block 2: HK$39,000
Teaching Block 3: HK$39,000

* Subject to annual changes
This programme aims to provide management staff of organizations an overview of climate change with its potential impact to environments and businesses. Students will understand the basics of climate science; impacts on ecosystems, health and societies; policies and regulations; climate risk analysis, measurement and management; learning of new potential business opportunities and some techniques on managing climate risks. The programme also helps students prepare to sit for the industry certificate "Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) Certificate" examination from the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).
Start 28 AUG 2024 (WED)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$8200
The programme aims to provide students with specialized knowledge in building services engineering. It also equips students with technical knowledge and skills in electrical, mechanical and sanitary services which are relevant to building services engineering. The modules in the programme helped students undertake basic professional tasks in building services engineering.
Start 01 NOV 2024 (FRI)
Duration 9 months
Fee HK$16,000
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) means using environmental, social and governance factors to evaluate companies on how advanced they are with sustainability. With the general public increase in awareness of these factors, it becomes critical for the management staff of organizations to take these factors into their management plan to keep their business competitive and maintain investors' confidence. This programme aims to provide the management staff of organizations with an overview in applied ESG and sustainability. Students will understand the challenges, advantages and application of ESG and sustainability management; be aware of the different tools, standards, technologies and techniques for leadership deployment in the area; and understand different aspects of leadership and develop strategic plans for ESG and sustainability through various cases studies.
Start 28 NOV 2024 (THU)
Duration 39 hours
Fee HK$10500
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) means using environmental, social and governance factors to evaluate companies on how far advanced they are with sustainability.  With the wide adoption of intelligent technologies (such as artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) etc.), global business operations are rapidly redefining that they are becoming more digital, more connected and increasingly more automated.  This programme aims to provide an overview of intelligent technologies and how their applications could impact companies’ ESG performance.  Students will understand the importance of ESG and its impact on businesses; be aware of the rising digital transformation in ESG with intelligent technologies, their applications and effectiveness on different business sectors; as well as some techniques for implementing these technologies to improve ESG and sustainability performance of companies.
Start 24 FEB 2025 (MON)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$8200