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A Graduate from Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign LanguageMatsusaki Masae


松崎 正江

Before I enrolled in the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, I was an absolute beginner in Japanese language education. Though I was worried at first I might not be able to follow the lessons, I participated in all the modules with deep interest. The module I remember the most is “Techniques of Classroom Teaching”. Although there were only 30 hours of lecture, I learned a lot. I was most impressed by the “direct method" of teaching, and I realized that teaching the Japanese language using Japanese only is a special technique difficult to apply without proper training. I also learned how to structure a lesson, and the various techniques of drill exercise. In the “Japanese Language Teaching Workshop”, I learned how to write detailed lesson plans and how to conduct myself in class, all of which are very useful to my work as a Japanese teacher today.

Matsusaki Masae

Programme details:  Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language