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16 Jul 2020 (Thu)

In life, there are many paths to success. Maybe you didn’t do as well as you hoped in your DSE (Diploma of Secondary Education) exam, or you can’t get into the university you want, or your skills don’t seem to match the conventional education system, or you don’t want to sacrifice everything for your career. Don’t worry. None of these situations need hold you back.

HKU SPACE Community College (CC) offers multiple pathways for you to plan and shape your future to achieve what you want.

Take the Leung twins for example. One loved psychology, and the other Chinese literature, but despite several tries they couldn’t get into university. Therefore, they decided to go for associate degrees instead, and found that the learning style at the College really suited them. Now they’ve both been admitted to CUHK this year with outstanding Grade Point Averages (GPAs).

Winnie was another example. Even though she got lower scores than she hoped for, she had always looked up to her cousin, who is an interpreter for famous Korean celebrities. By learning different languages proactively, she eventually managed to excel at interpreting, and continue her studies in CityU.

Wing was another student who pursued his dreams at HKU SPACE CC. He was interested in Chinese literature at a very young age. With lower scores in DSE, he was determined to study Chinese at the College. This year, he is successfully admitted to HKU in the School of Chinese.

HKU SPACE CC has been dedicated to supporting the further studies of its students for the past 20 years. Over 1/3 of associate degree graduates/students are admitted to HKU, CUHK or HKUST, while more than 2/3 are admitted to one of eight local public universities. This year, the College will adopt a dual mode for walk-in admissions and offer a one-stop enrolment service so that students can complete application procedures and conduct interview both offline and online.