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Radio Interview of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Subject Group Invited by Metro Radio Radio Interview

21 Jan 2018 (Sun)

Mr Kevin Yeung (Associate Head of College of Business and Finance, Principal Programme Director) and Mr Henry Ma (Senior Programme Director of College of Business and Finance) of HKU SPACE were invited to the radio programme “Entrepreneurial Classroom” of Metro Radio on March 26, 2018.  They were interviewed and discussed how the HKU SPACE course could help fostering entrepreneurial and innovative talents.

During the interview, Kevin and Henry shared their views about entrepreneurship, innovation and the local entrepreneurial environment, and they introduced the new Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  According to Peter Drucker, “Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art; it’s a practice. Innovation is a tool of entrepreneurship.”  Entrepreneurship should be mission-driven, able to create economic value and at the same time, create social impact as well.   Innovation is a solution or a product, provides a good solution and it is a result of team work.  

The postgraduate diploma course aims to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to more fully prepare for entrepreneurship and innovation.  It is a well-balanced programme, about 40% of the programme is focusing on entrepreneurship while the remaining 60% is on innovation.  Most importantly, the programme covers courses on protection of intellectual property and knowledge management, which is necessary for making the business sustainable.  Teachers of the programme are professionals with strong academic background and practical business start-up experiences.

The archive of this radio interview  (7th session and 8th session) is available now.

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