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Stay Hungry !Dr Nip Kam-fan’s Golden Bankbook of Learning

29 Apr 2016 (Fri)

There’s an old saying, that time is money. But Dr Nip Kam-fan, an Honorary Fellow of the School, has taken this idea further by depositing time into a golden “bank book” of extraordinary academic achievement.

Now over 80 years old, Dr Nip still carries his bank book which reveals its dazzling record whenever it is opened. “Every time I read a book, I mark down the name of the book, the time I start reading and the time I stop. Then I compare these figures on a monthly basis to find out if I have used my time profitably. In this way, I encourage myself and spur myself on,” Dr Nip said.

Before he retired, Dr Nip was the Director of the Territory Development Department in the Hong Kong Government. After gaining his first degree from The University of Hong Kong in the 1950s, Dr Nip embarked on a path of life-long learning and spent a total of 35,650 hours between 1956 and 2012 educating himself to a truly astonishing level. With his background in civil engineering, Dr Nip started with a career-related discipline by gaining a Masters degree in Engineering. Then he went on to gain degrees in mathematics, economics and theology. Even after his retirement in 1992, Dr Nip continued learning and studied Western literature and Chinese literature, pursuing more than 9 degree studies.

Having attained degrees in the arts, science, commerce and theology, Dr Nip considers his time well spent as time can never be turned back. Learning is not only about winning or losing, but also about seeking self-satisfaction.