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Civility in the Classroom

Equally important values are honesty, integrity, decency, dignity, tolerance, respect, civility and trust. The School’s adherence to these values naturally means that the School rejects forms of behavior that are intolerant, abusive, bullying and violent. 

In terms of promoting civility on the campus (which includes in this context all HKU SPACE campuses and learning centres), the School is committed to ensure that transgression of the basic notions of civility listed above are not permitted.

The first priority of the School is to provide a high quality, safe and stimulating learning environment for all our students, full-time and part-time. All students and teachers are asked to uphold this convention whilst in class so that all may give their uninterrupted attention to learning and thus ensure the smooth operation of the classroom environment so as to meet the learning objectives. Education is for all in a spirit of toleration and respect for each other.