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Class Schedule

  • Where feasible, teachers, start dates and teaching venues of a course are advertised in the Prospectus. Every effort is made to ensure that programmes are delivered in accordance with the information advertised. However, the School reserves the right to make changes if necessary, and students will be duly informed of these changes.
  • If information on the teaching venue is not yet known within three days of the start date of the course, please check with the relevant programme staff.
  • Unless special arrangements are made, there are no classes on:
    • All public holidays and the Mid-Autumn Festival (evening)
    • Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve (afternoon and evening), Lunar New Year’s Eve (afternoon and evening)
    • HKU Foundation Day (16 March)
  • In cases of unexpected circumstances in class administration such as cancellation of classes, the School will send urgent messages via SMS supplemented by other means such as email (if the need arises), to students for their immediate attention. Students with genuine difficulty in receiving urgent messages by SMS should contact the programme teams for separate arrangements before the commencement of the programme.