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Linguaskill – Cambridge English Proficiency Test

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Linguaskill Test Syllabus - FAQ

Linguaskill FAQ

1. What are the differences between Linguaskill and IELTS?

Globally recognised by universities, employers and governments, Linguaskill Test is a mark of excellence, and a research-based innovative assessment method for testing learners’ English language proficiency. 


Linguaskill is a multilevel proficiency test offering two options for test-takers: general and business.  It is suitable for universities and other education institutes, corporate and government ministries for multiple purposes.  IELTS, on the contrary, is generally used for academic purposes eg university admission, standard-setting, etc.


 Linguaskill, new to test takers, is a much faster way of identifying English language abilities.  It is gradually gaining recognition by corporate, government departments, higher education and training institutes for immigration, admission, recruitment and appraisal.


2. What does Linguaskill 2-3-4 mean?

Read the following which illustrates the Linguaskill Test 2, Test3 and Test 4.


3. What are the differences between Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business?

Look at the comparisons below.

Linguaskill General

Linguaskill Business

Linguaskill General tests English used in daily life, making it suitable for university admission and recruitment for roles in a non-business-specific environment.

For example, where the employees need strong English skills to perform their role effectively, but do not need specialist business terminology.

The test is suitable for a broad range of organisations.

Linguaskill Business tests language used in a corporate setting. It is most suitable for business specific courses or for recruitment in organisations where employees would be expected to be familiar with the language of business.

Linguaskill Business is best used for recruitment in organisations where employees are expected to be familiar with the language of business. 

Test topics include:

  • studying and working
  • making future plans
  • travel
  • technology

Test topics include:

  • buying and selling of products or services
  • the office
  • business travel
  • human resources.

The same modules are available in both Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business Tests:  

  1. Reading and Listening 
  2. Speaking 
  3. Writing 

The above can be taken as a “bundled” test set with all four skills tested in one-go, OR separately as a standalone skill-specific test. 



This official YouTube gives the details


5. Are there sample tests and resources available for practice?

Extremely useful materials are available online from Cambridge. For details, please visit free test.


6. Where can I take the Linguaskill Test? 

HKU SPACE is an Authorised Linguaskill Agent for Cambridge Assessment English.  Test sessions are held each month at SPACE computer labs at various learning centres.  For schools and business organisations, on-demand test sessions can be arranged.

Cambridge APEC will also give students/clients further consultations.  Please contact the SPACE Linguaskill Ambassador for assistance.
 (852) 3762 0929 / 2975 5741


7. What about resources for teachers and course designers/developers?

For teachers and course designers, follow this link for a video on “How to apply the CEFR to your curriculum?” 

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