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Awards and Programmes

The stackable awards will carry the title of Certificate/Diploma in Professional Practice or Certificate/Diploma in General Studies depending on the nature of the Microcredentials. Learn how to earn Microcredentials HERE.

For Professional Practice title, 75% of the credits must be in a professional practice area as indicated by the appropriate "theme", otherwise the General Studies award will be made. Moreover, 75% of the credits for an award have to be at the QF level of the Certificate or Diploma. 

There are a number of identified "themes" for Professional Practice and those who stack Microcredentials within a theme will also have that theme in brackets as part of the awards, e.g. Certificate in Professional Practice (Artificial Intelligence) or Diploma in Professional Practice (Sustainability). Learn more about the digital badge earned upon completion of programmes.

Professional Practice Themes


General Studies

Download: Application for the stacking of Microcredentials towards earning a Certificate/ Diploma in Professional Practice/ General Studies

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