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At HKU SPACE, we design and offer courses to meet your goals for General English, Business English and English for the Professions. These range from 30 hours to 90 hours and cover a broad spectrum of levels.

Reasons to improve your English at HKU SPACE:

  •  Polish your interpersonal and career skills
  •  Learn to communicate ideas more effectively
  •  Interact confidently with overseas and English speaking people
  •  Fine-tune your presentations and writing to project better impressions
  •  Stay up to date by learning about current English use
  •  Sharpen your competitive edge in today's global workplace


English Langauge Assessments

LINGUASKILL – the NEW Cambridge English Language Benchmark Test

This is the benchmark test in support of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursements of English Language course and benchmark test fees.   This replaces the former Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) offered by the University of Cambridge. 

The Cambridge Assessment English offers organisations a quick and convenient way of checking the English Language proficiency levels of your employees – the Linguaskill Tests. 

  • Linguaskill General
  • Linguaskill Business
  • Linguaskill Test & Continuing Education Fund
  • For Individual English Language Learners
  • For Corporates
  • For Immigrants
  • For HKDSEE Candidates
  • For University Applicants
  • Linguaskill Test Report & Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Cambridge Linguaskill Test in Hong Kong

For details, please follow this link: 


Assessment Preparation Courses


We Study • We Practise • We Master 《活學英語 創展未來》

English Programmes

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Incorporated with a coursebook, Everyday English for Beginners uses Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to teach student basic vocabulary, grammar, and common phrases for daily conversation. This course is suitable for students who have limited English language skills.

日用英語入門 課程與教科書相結合,使用內容和語言綜合學習方法(CLIL)來教授學生日常對話的基本詞彙、語法和常用短語。本課程適合英語語言能力有限的學生。

Start 06 MAY 2024 (MON)
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$4,800
This course is for those who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills for delivering speeches and presentations. The course focuses on techniques for managing speech anxiety, skills in organising and giving informal speeches and presentations, and practice in providing feedback on public speech deliveries. Course participants must be prepared to present and deliver informal speeches for different purposes in front of the class, observe and be observed, critique and be critiqued.
Start 18 MAY 2024 (SAT)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$4,200
To speak and write natural English, the use of collocations plays an important part. A collocation refers to two or more words that often go together.

For example, we say 'fast food' instead of 'quick food' and 'quick shower' but not 'fast shower'.  Mastering collocations will make your language more natural and more easily understood and thus have alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself.

Start 25 MAY 2024 (SAT)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$3,400
This 45-hour course is designed to motivate and help elementary or pre-intermediate learners develop their speaking and listening skills they need for travelling, studying, at work or just chatting with their English–speaking friends.

Start 02 JUN 2024 (SUN)
Duration 18 weeks
Fee HK$3,500
The course aims at examining the politicized nature of ethnic representations and how they affect social relations and the ethno-symbolic network. Investigating the links between media, society and culture, it falls into the following main themes: Silencing the Asiatic, the White/Black division, the Caribbean subaltern, the Arab and Muslim others, and the symbolic American other. Exploring forms, practices, and politics of representation, we will discuss the importance, as well as the futility, of representational ethnic struggles.
Start 12 JUN 2024 (WED)
Duration 15 hours
Fee HK$2,800
Adult learners of English very often encounter real-life English usage and materials that are more advanced than their current level of English proficiency. Therefore, developing skills in using free digital resources and tools, such as online dictionaries, AI translators, grammar tools, online corpus and Generative AI tools to support your English learning after class, is essential. 
Start 17 JUN 2024 (MON)
Duration 2 weeks
Fee HK$600

This course focuses on Impromptu Talk and Discussion.  It aims to develop oral communications skills that enable you to speak clearly and present ideas coherently.  

Start 13 JUL 2024 (SAT)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$2,200

For secondary school students of English Literature, teachers, and adults, who want an introduction to the works of William Shakespeare and of the Romantic and the Modern periods — this course opens the door to these areas of focus.

Start 15 JUL 2024 (MON)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$2,400
This course is an 18-hour science, creative activity and English course which will cover:
  • The introduction of coding, robotics in the world today.
  • The construction and programming of the robots.
  • Learning scientific vocabulary and terminology.
  • Building discussion and presentation skills.
  • Heightening listening skills through videos.
Start 15 JUL 2024 (MON)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$2,700
Wing Chun (Chinese: 詠春 or 咏春) is a concept-based martial art popular in the southern China area. Learning Wing Chun became popular again in Hong Kong and worldwide due to the famous martial art master Bruce Lee and the success of the Ip Man series movies in the Chinese community. Many Wing Chun Masters were Chinese speakers, and very few teach Wing Chun in other languages. 

 Unlike other martial art courses in Hong Kong, this course aims at learning English grammar, vocabulary and special terms for describing actions outside the traditional English language classroom setting. The qualified Wing Chun and English language instructor will teach English grammar, vocabulary and special terms for describing martial arts actions in the first 1-1/2 hours, followed by introducing the basic Wing Chun technique in the second half of the lesson.

Start 17 JUL 2024 (WED)
Duration 18 hours
Fee HK$3,000