Executive Certificate in Digital and Content Marketing - HKU SPACE: 數碼及社交媒體推廣, 營銷傳播及品牌 courses
Class arrangement during COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation may still be fluid and constantly affect class arrangements in the coming months. The health and safety of our students will always be our top priority. To ensure that students’ academic progress is not affected, the School may substitute face-to-face classes with online teaching if necessary in the event that face to-face classes cannot be held. Our respective Programme Teams will contact the students concerned with details of such arrangements as necessary.

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市場營銷學 數碼及社交媒體推廣

Executive Certificate in Digital and Content Marketing

Cantonese, suppl with teaching materials in Eng
截止於 2022年5月21日 (星期六)
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This programme aims to provide students with knowledge on up-to-date digital, social media and content marketing strategies and tactics. It also provides hands-on and practical techniques and tools for students to build the essential skills and strategic mindset to bolster their brand in the digital age.

content marketing


  1. 評估及討論數碼和社交媒體營銷的趨勢和方法,以及不能忽視的內容營銷之發展及重點工具;
  2. 應用最新的數碼及社交媒體營銷知識,作計劃及管理整合市場推廣的策略;
  3. 了解如何利用內容作有效數碼及社交媒體推廣,分析創造強力營銷內容的案例;
  4. 分析成功及失敗的數碼及社交媒體營銷策略,並討論機遇與危機個案;
  5. 評估計算數碼及社交媒體營銷成效的各類工具和方法。


  • 行政人員證書課程,以實例主導、全方位討論最新、最實用的數碼、社交媒體和內容營銷的策劃和實戰知識;
  • 講師和嘉賓講者為香港數碼營銷專家,擁有廣告公司、媒體公司及客戶品牌管理的豐富經驗;
  • 課程包括6個單元和小組實踐習作,讓學員透過課堂、小組討論、嘉賓講座及小組習作全面掌握知識;課程以廣東話授課,加上英文輔助教材。
  • This executive certificate programme discusses the most up-to-date trends and important issues of digital, social media and content marketing;
  • Delivered by experienced industry expert plus prominent guest speakers from agencies, clients and key social media operators;
  • Two modules/ six units and a group project offer hands-on and practical techniques and practices for students to build the strategic skills and mindset to bolster their brands in the digital age.

flowchart of 3 modules (refer to the texts below)


Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to: 

  1. Assess and discuss the trends and methodologies in digital and social media as well as the growing use of content marketing.
  2. Apply the latest know-how to plan and manage integrated marketing communications through the emerging and influential digital and social media.
  3. Develop relevant content for successful marketing via digital and social media.
  4. Analyse and evaluate contemporary digital and content marketing strategies.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of digital and social media by applying key measurement tools and concepts.




Module 1:

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Unit 1: (7 hours)
  • Foundations of Digital Marketing: Evolution and Characteristics
  • Essential Digital Marketing Channels: Utilize Paid, Owned and Earned Media


Unit 2: (7 hours) 策劃高效數碼營銷+電商新趨勢

Effective Digital Marketing Planning: How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Plan?

  • Understanding of Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age
  • Use of Big Data
  • Overview of World and Hong Kong Digital Population
  • Developing, Managing and Maintaining Effective Digital Marketing Platforms
  • New Trends of E-Commerce
Unit 3: (7 hours)
Digital Marketing Strategies and Measurement Metrics: Total Integration to Build Success

Module 2:

Social Media & Content Marketing Toolkit


Unit 4: (7 hours) 社交媒體營銷發展大勢與策劃  + 媒體導覽
  • Foundations of Social Media Marketing: Must-know Development, Trends and Global Usage
  • Effective Social Media Planning: Planning and Smart Selection of Social Media Channels
  • (E.g. Facebook Advertising, Facebook Content Marketing, Video Marketing – Youtube or others, SINA Weibo, Instagram, LindedIn, etc.)
Unit 5: (7 hours) 社交媒體營銷策略及成效分析:機遇與危機個案全分析
Social Media Strategies and Measurement Metrics: “GO” Viral and “NO” Viral in Crisis
  • B2C, B2B, O2O Social Media Strategies
  • The impact of SoLoMo
  • Viral Marketing and Electronic Word-of-mouth (eWOM)
  • Online Brand Crisis Management
Unit 6: (7 hours)

Content Marketing Strategies: Successful Content Creation

  • Use of Content Marketing and Trends
  • Essential Content Marketing Strategies and Cases
  • Synergy of Social Media and Content Marketing
Unit 7: (3 hours)
小組實踐習作 Project Presentation


Ms J. Tam
  • She is currently in Tencent Holdings specialising in building WeChat, Programmatic and High Tech Smart Solutions development.
  • She received numerous digital accolades such as: Digital Agency of the Year 2018 – Gold, Oath Big Idea Chair Award 2018, and Most influential Brand Award for insurance client by Facebook.
  • She was nominated by the digital industry to join the Interactive Advertising Bureau Hong Kong (IAB) education committee in Jan 2020 due to her depth of digital knowledge.
  • J.T. has extensive background in 4As agency at Omnicom Media Group and managed digital marketing for clients such as DBS banking, SmarTone telecommunications, Nestle, Clorox, Cisco, MGM Hotels, Cigna insurance and more; and assisted the company to pitch new clients worth over HK$100M in annual billing.
  • She is experienced across paid, owned, and earned arenas to achieve digital performance KPIs, launch new websites as well as mobile apps. Obtained TTD Programmatic Trading Academy certification, Google certification for Display, SEM and Analytics, YouTube certification for content and video.
  • The teacher will also invite guest speakers from Google Hong Kong, LinkedIn Hong Kong, Accenture, Casetify, Omnicom Media Group, and some more!


Guest speakers will be invited to share real industry experience. 
* Lecturer and guest speakers are subject to change based on his/ her availability. 
教學方式 Teaching Mode
  • Part-time face-to-face mode.
  • Total 45 hours of lectures and group presentation.
  • Lectures with real case studies for discussion and analysis, line-up of prominent guest speakers who are experienced industry experts.
習作 Assessment

The programme will be assessed by one group oral presentation (100%) conducted in Cantonese.

修畢證書 Award

"Executive Certificate in Digital and Content Marketing" will be awarded within the HKU System through HKU SPACE to those who have successfully completed the assessment and attended at least 70% of classes.

報名代碼 1990-EP069A 現時接受報名

日期 / 時間
  • 逢周六,10:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • 3個月,共8課。

    日期 Date: 2022年6月11日 至 2022年7月30日

    課堂日期: 11 Jun, 18 Jun, 25 Jun, 2 Jul, 9 Jul, 16 Jul, 23 Jul, 30 Jul

    時間 Time: 週六 10:00am - 1:00pm 及 2:00pm - 5:00pm (最後一課上課時間為 2:00 - 5:00pm)

    *The schedule is subject to change when necessary.

(甲) 認可大學頒授的學士學位或其他同等學歷; 或

(乙) 副學士學位/高級文憑,至少同等學歷及最少2年工作經驗; 或

(丙) 相關認可專業資格。




HK$200 (取錄與否,恕不退還)

  • 學費 : HK$6,750

網上報名 立即報名

申請表 申請表


All applicants are required to complete the enclosed application form and submit it with the following supporting documents together with application fee of HK$200 to any of the HKUSPACE enrolment centres:

  1. One set of certified true copies* of full educational certificates and transcripts; *Original certificates and transcripts together with the copies are required to be presented to any HKU SPACE Learning Centre for verification.
  2. Testimonials or other documentary proof of the applicant’s working experience;
  3. A photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card;
  4. A non-refundable crossed cheque of HK$200 payable to HKU SPACE as application fee.


1. 現金、「易辦事」(EPS)、微信支付(WeChat Pay) 或支付寶(Alipay)

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  • 親臨學院各報名中心遞交劃線支票、報名表格及有關證明文件;
  • 或可將上述文件一併寄交各報名中心,信封上請註明「報讀課程」,惟學院對郵遞失誤而遺失的支票概不負責。
3. VISA╱Mastercard

申請人可親臨學院任何一所報名中心,以 VISA 或 Mastercard(包括「香港大學專業進修學院 Mastercard卡」)繳付學費。香港大學專業進修學院Mastercard卡持有人,如報讀課程滿港幣2,000元,可享有十個月免息分期付款優惠,惟課程申請人必須為信用卡持有人。詳情請向學院報名中心職員查詢。

4. 網上繳費服務

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  • 如報讀課程將在五個工作天內開課,為免郵遞延誤報名程序,建議申請人親身到學院報名中心報名,並避免使用支票付款。

  • 除由學院裁定的特殊情況(例如課程因報名人數不足而取消)之外,一切已繳費用概不退還。如獲學院批准退還款項,以現金、易辦事、微信支付、支付寶、支票或繳費靈(只限網上付款)方式繳交之款項,將以支票退款;以信用卡繳交之款項,退款將直接退還到支付款項時使用的信用卡戶口。
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