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Journey of Artificial Intelligence and FintechEvent Recap


Dr. Zhang, The University Relations Manager of SenseTime, introduces the business of SenseTime to the alumni.


The proprietary algorithms can detect the frequency locations of the selected person.


Ms Lam, CEO of CamClaim introduces the latest payment devices.


The face recognition system is using AI technology.


Demonstration of a popular beauty app using in mobile phone to beautify the users and make various funny effects.


Various faster payment devices.

The HKU SPACE Fintech Alumni Association organised a visit of two technological companies on 12 Jan 2019 in Hong Kong Science Park. In the morning, alumni gathered at SenseTime, a global technological unicorn using AI and Deep Learning technologies to transform society as a whole. The company has independently developed its deep learning platform using the latest AI innovation. Also, it uses proprietary algorithms such as Artificial Neutral Network and applies AI and Deep Learning technologies to perform face recognition, image recognition, object recognition, text recognition, medical image analysis, video analysis, autonomous driving, and remote sensing. It leads the market in various fields and industries, including smart city, smartphone, mobile Internet, online entertainment, automobile, finance, retail, education, real estate and so on. 


At noon, alumni visited CamClaim, a company offers Fintech plus Biz-Trips solution platforms. The company uses mobile technology and cloud computing system to develop faster payment system and offers new consumer experience for convenient and swift transactions. Apart from developing software such as payment Apps, the company creates new devices to facilitate faster payment under the regulatory framework in Hong Kong and Greater China.


Thanks to the visits organised by Mr. Edmund Lam (Chairman of the HKU SPACE FinTech Alumni Association and Mr. Emil Chan (Fintech Committee Chairman of Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong), alumni have learnt the latest development of Fintech and the contemporary applications of AI technologies practically.


The HKU SPACE FinTech Alumni Association welcomes all graduates and alumni from Executive Certificates, Postgraduate Diploma and Master programmes who are interested in Fintech and Big Data. The Alumni Association organises various events such as visits, seminars and talks to establish better communication among students, graduates and alumni of related programmes, as well as provide networking opportunities among professionals and practitioners from Fintech and Big Data sectors.


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