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Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

Course Code
Application Code

Start Date
04 Jul 2022 (Mon)
Next intake(s)
November 2022
20 months to max. 40 months
Course Fee
HK$4,000 per module (Subject to change)
How to Apply
Deadline on 15 Jun 2022 (Wed)
28678316/ 28678324

The rapid development in digitalization and multi-channel retailing has transformed the retail landscape. Total customer satisfaction has been redefined through personalized shopping experience via multi-channel retailing. Nowadays, customers may use more than one sales channels to shop. This part-time advanced diploma programme equips you with new retail management knowledge and skills for multichannel retailing through in-store, online, mobile retailing, etc.

The programme aims to equip participants with the principles, theories and practices in marketing with specialisation in online and offline retail management. On completion of the programme, participants should have acquired a basic understanding of retailing and e-commerce theories and be able to apply these to day-to-day operations at work. The programme also prepares students for further education as well as career advancement in the marketing and management of onmi-channel retailing business and operation.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme, students should be able to

  1. Apply the theoretical concepts in marketing and retail management to develop marketing solutions for online and offline retailing business,
  2. Utilise self-management skills, interpersonal and team management skills in the workplace,
  3. Integrate the tools of multichannel marketing communications, including digital channels, social media, advertising and public relations to promote products and services to the target market of the omnichannel retailing business,
  4. Apply knowledge in consumer behavioural patterns to identify target markets, determine the positioning of products and services, and to identify consumers’ expectations in online shopping experience and in-store experience,
  5. Implement the fundamental principles and practices of online and offline retailing operations and marketing strategies in omnichannel retailing business environments.


Assessment is based on a combination of coursework and examinations. The percentage breakdown of coursework and examinations differs from module to module.


Student who complete all 10 modules will be awarded "Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management" within HKU system through HKU SPACE.

Students may apply to exit the programme with a "Diploma in Marketing Studies" upon satisfactory completion of any 5 modules or above.


Holders of this Advanced Diploma with CGPA 2.0 or above will be eligible to apply for the following two top-up degree programmes jointly organized by HKU SPACE and The University of Hull. Details would be found in the related webpages.

•           Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing

•           Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing and Management 

Application Code 2035-MK030A -

  • Students normally enroll 2 modules in each term and may complete the programme in 20 months.
    For those, who enroll less than 2 modules in each term, may complete the programme in 40 months.

    Regular Lectures:
    Weekdays 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Occasionally on Saturday morning or afternoon)

    HKU SPACE Learning Centres

The programme consists of 10 modules and the details of each module are as below.

Services Marketing

This module focus on the knowledge of the special characteristics of services and the unique challenges inherent in the marketing of services and the strategies to address these challenges. It will enable students to develop knowledge and skills in designing and managing service process to enhance customer experiences and engagement, and to create customer value and customer satisfaction.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media become the predominant component in marketing strategies nowadays. In this new module, students will be able to build up a clear concept about customer-centric marketing and digital consumer journey which affects customer segmentation approaches and marketing strategies.

This module will form a solid foundation of digital knowledge with application skills and effectiveness analysis of various digital and social media marketing channels in order to fulfil the vocational needs in various marketing positions.

Multichannel Marketing Communications

The objective of this module is to equip students with knowledge and practices of new marketing communication techniques in this ever-changing world of new media. It enables students to embrace and integrate new media tools with existing communication mix to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Consumer Behaviour

This module aims to train up students with a clear understanding of how and why customer behave in a shopping decision-making process with the foundation of consumer psychology and behavioural concepts. It also equips the students to identify the factors which may affect consumers’ purchasing behaviour and value perception so that students can be able to apply it in their marketing strategic planning in the competitive business environment.

Public Relations and Event Planning

Public relations (PR) play a critical role in the success of products and services. It is vital in achieving positive publicity for a company through strategic PR events and activities.

This module will equip students with PR techniques to manage reputation of a company, to reach out to the general public, community members, and customers  through different PR activities and events.

Management Skills for Effective Manager

The success of a business organisation depends very much on the quality of the people working in the organisation. This module provides an opportunity for our students to discover the attributes of an effective manager, nurture their management quality and competencies required to progress to play the role of an effective manager.

Students will be equipped with multi management skills including self-awareness, stress and time management, problem solving and decision making, interpersonal skills such as managing conflicts, effective communication and presentation skills, and team skills which are the basic factors of a successful manager at marketplace.

Shopper Relations and Customer Services

It is crucial for companies to build long-lasting customer relationship which can be leveraged to expand their loyal customer base, extend their market share, and to uplift sales income.

This module is developed to equip our students with customer-centric services, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service communication skills, and service quality control, etc. in order to enrich the shopping experience of the customers and establish loyal customer base.

E-Commerce Operations

Online shopping significantly surged during the pandemic. It’s important for online retailers to set up effective e-commerce operation which can be able to directly improve its consumer satisfaction and profitability.

This module is designed to train up students to have a solid foundation of a successful e-Commerce operations, logistic and fulfilment, inventory management, business strategies in competitive environment, operation for B2B, B2C and C2C eCommerce.

Strategic Marketing for Omnichannel Retailing

There is a big shift from single-channel to multi-channel and to omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retail optimizes multiple sales channels with a high level of integration and cooperation among the channels in order to provide a seamless shopping experience for shoppers.

Students will learn the shopping behaviour in online vs physical shops, the latest trends and challenges in omnichannel retailing including live streaming eCommerce through KOL, cloud-based integrated data platforms to personalize customer experience, social commerce, etc.

Besides, students will also be equipped with the knowledge in marketing strategies for omnichannel retailing to attract shoppers and to effectively leverage online to offline retailing in order to boost up the overall sales revenue of the company.

Retail Management and Operations

This module gives the students basic concept of retail operations and retail business management which include store location selection, store design and layout, merchandising display, manpower arrangement and training, and new retail technology, etc.

Applicants should

  • have gained in the HKALE Grade E in 2 subjects; OR
  • have gained in the HKALE Grade E in 1 subject, and have 2 years of relevant work experience; OR
  • have gained in the HKCEE Grade E in 4 subjects, and Level 2 in English Language, and have 2 years of relevant work experience; OR
  • have gained in the HKDSE Examination Level 2 in 5 subjects including English Language; OR
  • hold a certificate in the marketing, business or related discipline; OR
  • be aged at least 21 with 3 years of relevant work experience.
Application Fee

HK$150 (Non-refundable)

Course Fee
  • HK$4,000 per module (Subject to change)
  • The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100
CEF Courses
Business Economics (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
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Multichannel Marketing Communications (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
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Retail Management and Operations (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 21Z07891-7 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Principles of Marketing (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 21Z07955-7 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Strategic Retail Marketing (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 21Z07892-5 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
CEF Courses
Essentials of Accounting (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 23Z07959-5 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
CEF Courses
Digital Marketing (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 33Z108066 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Business Communication (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 33Z108090 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Business Law (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 33Z108147 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Services Marketing (Module from Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management)
COURSE CODE 33Z126749 FEES $4,000 ENQUIRY 2867-8316
Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)
Some modules of this course have been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.

Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management

  • This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level [4])

Application Form Application Form

Enrolment Method

All applicants are required to complete the application form and submit it with one sets of the following supporting documents together with application fee of HK$150 to any of the HKU SPACE enrolment centres:

1.Certified true copies* of full educational certificates and transcripts;

2. Original / Certified true copies* of testimonials or other documentary proof of the applicant’s working experience;

3. Photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card#;

*Certified true copies: Original certificates and transcripts together with the copies are required to be presented to any HKU SPACE enrolment centres for verification. 
#To study in Hong Kong, all non-local applicants are required to obtain a student visa issued by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government, except for those admitted to Hong Kong for employment or as dependents, who do not need prior approval before taking up part-time studies. It is the responsibility of individual applicants to make appropriate visa arrangements. Holding an acceptance letter to a HKU SPACE academic progarmme/ course does not guarantee the issue of a student visa. Applicants may wish to note that part-time courses are generally not considered by the Immigration Department for visa purposes except for self-financed, locally accredited taught postgraduate programmes.
Payment Method

1. Cash, EPS or WeChat Pay 

Only application fee can be paid by cash, EPS or WeChat Pay at any HKU SPACE enrolment counters.

2. Cheque or Bank Draft

Application fee and Course fees can be paid by crossed cheque or bank draft made payable to "HKU SPACE". Please specify the programme title(s) for application, student's name, and student card number (if applicable).

3. VISA/MasterCard

Applicants may also pay the Application fee and Course fees by VISA or MasterCard, including "HKU SPACE MasterCard", at any HKU SPACE enrolment centres.